Watch “Easy 3D Paper Pumpkins” on YouTube

Found this awesome tutorial on Blitsy,  my favorite craft channel! Im going to have to try it out as halloween is coming up! 🎃❤


#bucketlist item complete!


Perfect as Halloween is coming up! 🎃

Saw The Rocky Horror Show! But LIVE! And it was awesome! I had never seen the movie! So i went there not knowing what to expect! It was sooo fun and the best bit is that you don’t have to sit there and not make any noise! You get to yell and dance!!! 💃🎊 And for me the bit of naughtiness is fun! #greatnightout #bucketlistitemdone

Why not?


Why not go on an adventure? Go on a date? Enjoy life!… I finally got to go to Benalmadena on the ferry! A #bucketlist item I’d had for a looong time! Made myself this screensaver with the PicCollage app so i don’t leave it too long to the next #bucketlist thing!


Gorgeous view! Loved it! 💙🚢💙