Largest Full moon and Fall Mood!

On the 14th of November the moon was the largest in 77 years! We got lucky and saw it right on our balcony before the clouds covered it again! So excited to have gotten a few good pictures!

Fall has been treating us well, meaning no rain so we could get out and take some pictures! I never would have expected trees to change colours in Spain! #beautiful

#mylifeinfood was spectacular this week with too many delicious #vegetarian and #vegan creations to document! Here are my top two… A pizza at the local bar Sorento…


And my own #vegan #pumpkin #stirfry! It was so perfect for the fall mood that I made a quick note of the ingredients! It will be repeated!


Finally I enjoyed keeping myself organized with my #HappyPlanner and some free fall printables from @JessicaBrown


Although we don’t have real seasons here, this picture makes me wish for a snow-storm! (Wish I knew where it was from!)


Happy Fall! Enjoy the seasons!  




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