All work and no play! 💜🍩💜

Except for the pizza at the local bar, it’s been all work this week! 

If you feel stressed out, this random bit of advice should help! 💜

And don’t forget…#tgif! 💜💜💜🍹

Have a fun weekend! 👑


Happy Planner Sticker Haul from GPStickerStudio 👑💟👑

I love these stickers for my Happy Planner! The colors are so vibrant! The pictures don’t do them justice as the weather did not cooperate! 

I got a personal size kit…

A few decorative boxes…

And some cute functional stickers…these are way brighter, but I am relying on sunshine to light my pics! 

And they added a pretty freebie with advice on which pens to use! 

All this for about 20.00€ including shipping! If you’re into planning, go check out their shop on Etsy! 💟💟💟💟👑 

My artistic director, Bobby the Yorkie wishes you Happy Planning!💟

Small Haul! 💛🍍🍩

Went to Primark and picked up some little things to keep me happy while I wait for my happy-mail to arrive! 💛

I also made myself a crazy mood-tracker, inspired by a few posts on Instagram! So far I’ve been lucky to use the happy colors most days! I also added a beach day section to encourage myself to enjoy the reason I moved here..the beach!🐠

These facemasks are so cheap but work really well and are perfect for relaxing on the weekend! 

I loved this eyeliner for 1.50$ but this time I noticed that the brush has changed so it’s not my absolute favorite anymore. I just find it too thin and soft to have control over! 

Finally this bottle stopper caught my eye for 2.00$! 

Bob was my loyal photos-assistant! 💛💛💛 

I hope our mail arrives soon to do a real haul! 💛

Happy weekend! #morelifeinmylife #shopping 💛🍩🍍