glam winter outfit 💎💎⛄

glam winter outfit 💎💎⛄

Gucci relax t shirt
€1.020 –

Tom Ford blazer jacket
€1.860 –

Pieces blue denim jeans
€30 –

Mini shoulder bag
€11 –

Palm Beach Jewelry band jewelry
€59 –


Flight time to Toronto! 

I’ve been planning this trip to Toronto for a while so I was super excited when the travel day finally arrived! 

We flew via Lisbon on TAP Air Portugal and the service was excellent! 

There’s hardly ever anything to do on a long trip except eat excessively, so that is what I did…

Starting with a tortilla sandwich and Haegen Dasz ice cream…

And ending with Pizza Hut and Godiva chocolates!

The first flight to Lisbon was on a ATR so we had to take a bus to the plane! 

I love taking airplane pics so I had a lot of fun! 

Lisbon airport was also great with many shops and a huge food court where we had loads to eat…again! And the holiday decorations were beautiful! 

I’m a vegetarian, but if this were a candy store and not a sardine shop I’d love to shop there! 

Finally it was flight time to Toronto with comfortable seats and great in flight entertainment! 

It was a long day but I’m enjoying Toronto and will get the blog updated as soon as I can! 

Happy travels, book that flight!💙

cozy winter outfit 💖💖💖

cozy winter outfit 💖💖💖

Helmut Lang sweater pullover
510 CAD –

Pieces blue skinny jeans
45 CAD –

Casadei ankle bootie boots
1,375 CAD –

Prada snap bag
385 CAD –

Pear cut engagement ring
1,285 CAD –

Crystal stone necklace
61 CAD –

Imitation jewelry
2.91 CAD –

Mineral blush
5.13 CAD –

Wet n Wild lipstick
5.08 CAD –

Beauty product
51 CAD –