Almost #tgif 💖 Lunchtime story!

The weather was finally warmer today so I had lunch by lake Ontario! It’s great to get out a bit!

Thanks to my YouCamPerfect app I don’t look as tired as I was! It’s a great app for fixing up selfies or adding makeup to your pictures!

Today there was lots to watch with the container ship leaving…

…and planes landing at the island airport!

I had some great company as well! 😍

Here’s wishing you a great weekend!

#tgif 💖 Happy Adventuring!


Small Haul, Makeup and Socks! 💖

I’ve been thourougly enjoying the shopping here!

First I received my Younique order from my friend! I love the cute note and sweet treats she included in the package!

I bought the Royalty rosewater facemist and mascara! Both came to about 40.00£ including shipping to Canada.

I really love the rosewater! I use it as a moisturizer both morning and night! And I find it even works as a primer for eye makeup that lasts all day!

Here are some close-ups of the Moodstruck Epic Mascara! It goes on easily and gives me awesome thick and long lashes!

Finally i got some totally unromantic socks from Forever 21! 3 pairs for 5.00$ Bargain!

Have a great weekend! Happy Shopping!

Food! Vegan Pizza taste-test and Thai Food!

Something I never thought I’d try! Vegan Pizza! 💚🌱

Pizza Pizza had an amazing one!

And garlic bread too! What a friday night treat! #tgif

We also went to Desiam Thai Restaurant in Whitby!

The decoration is so pretty!

And the fried rice with tofu was delicious!

My favorite was the rice rolls with mango! I have been craving mangos so I am happy I manifested some!

A great weekend of food!

Happy Adventuring!

Snaps from my Happy Planner! #nerdmoment 💚

Not only do I use my Happy Planner to plan my life, I also use it for memory keeping! …and after that, I like to take pictures of my planner to remember what my planner looked like!…👀

Does that even make sense? Lol #calamity

I decorated my monthly page with this cute clip from . It is so cute!

Here is a closeup of the clip on my page! I slide it along to keep track of the week so it follows me through the month!

I also love this clipart unicorn! I think it’s from Recollections but I’m not sure! I used it to beautify my sidebar! My inspirational quote is my reminder that what you focus on gets attracted into your life! I realized this on a day when I was craving olives, and my partner randomly brought home a huge tub of olives! The law of attraction deffinitely works!

I helped create a vegan exhibit at the local library and got this cute sticker which I included for memory keeping!

Here was my inspirational goal for the month! I layered all kinds of old stickers to make this section!

This card came from a small Recollections stack and I love this quote! You can only move forward if you learn from your past! In the end of the day, Life is Pretty Sweet!

Planning makes adventuring so much easier!

Have a great weekend and Happy Adventuring! 💚

Small Book Haul

It still feels weird to not to be able to share my Polyvore creations on here! Now it’s JUST a blog! #calamity

I just finished reading “the Mamoth Book of the Mafia” by Nigel Cawthorne, and it was fascinating! I love crime novels and history so this was perfect for me!

So Coles had a sale and I decided to pick up these random finds!

It was the same week as the trip to Aldos that’s why it’s in the pictures!

Something to follow the theme of crime and murder…

And something loving to completely contrast the theme! I’ve started reading this one and it’s very girly, fluffy and imaginative! I feel like I’m floating on a pink cloud when I read this! Loves it!

Finally I wanted to show you the inside of the purse I bought! It didn’t make the previous post! It organises all of my cards perfectly and fits in my coat pocket!

Hope you enjoyed my small book haul!

Have a good next week! 💜🍧💙