Jab Jab Jouvert and Caribana 2018!

I’m ready for next year!

On Friday we went for Jab Jab Jouvert in Toronto! Amazing!

At first we were trying to keep my friends new hairstyle dry, but I ended up covered in oil, water and paint… Just the way you should if you go to Jouvert!

The vibes were great and everyone was having a great time dancing! Especially in the water! Some people put on a show! Epic!

One of the best parties I have ever been to! I’ll be back 2019!

After dancing all night came the main event…Venus Flytrap with Saldenah!

Supergood vibes! Amazing music and a sexy costume! What more can a girl wish for?

I have more pictures on Instagram so feel free to check us out @yatsina2.0 💖💖 With my bff Cindy!

Caribana was great! I am already counting the days until next year and can’t get the tunes out of my head! Tabanca is real!

Get me to a fete! I need to dance!

Happy Adventuring!