glam winter outfit 💎💎⛄

glam winter outfit 💎💎⛄

Gucci relax t shirt
€1.020 –

Tom Ford blazer jacket
€1.860 –

Pieces blue denim jeans
€30 –

Mini shoulder bag
€11 –

Palm Beach Jewelry band jewelry
€59 –


cozy winter outfit 💖💖💖

cozy winter outfit 💖💖💖

Helmut Lang sweater pullover
510 CAD –

Pieces blue skinny jeans
45 CAD –

Casadei ankle bootie boots
1,375 CAD –

Prada snap bag
385 CAD –

Pear cut engagement ring
1,285 CAD –

Crystal stone necklace
61 CAD –

Imitation jewelry
2.91 CAD –

Mineral blush
5.13 CAD –

Wet n Wild lipstick
5.08 CAD –

Beauty product
51 CAD –

Small Haul! Keep calm and walk the dog!


It’s been a no-spend year for me! I don’t even need a printable to keep track! I just know not to spend anything! That’s where the little things really cheer me up! It is so hard to hold back when you see all the amazing thing other bloggers are buying!

So I got myself a cute top from the Sales section at and I’ll leave the link so you can check it out! Rosewholesale Crochet Trim Top   I am part of their referral program, but I would also shop from their site if I were not! I will never recommend a product I don’t completely adore!

DSCN0717DSCN0724DSCN0732 (2)

It’s a light material but also keeps me quite warm and I love the embroidered details and the cutout shoulders! And it’s really good quality, considering it cost me 1.25$ plus shipping! At the moment it’s on sale for 0.99$ so catch it while you can! Perfect for a casual outfit and I think I could even pull it off with a skirt for a more elegant look!

Here is a closeup of the embroidery!


The next thing I got from was for my partner, but I decided to take pictures wearing it so you can see what it looks like on a body! The men’ s section is also very cool with unusual designs and great quality! He’s been living in it! In this case I bought a medium size and it fits both of us! It cost 8.85$ and shipping and I’ll leave the link in case you’re looking for cool gifts for the men in your life! Santa Claus Mens Sweatshirt


It’s a super comfortable and soft hoodie that really keeps you warm! Trust me, I’ve tried it!

Another little thing that made my day was this cute mug from Aldi! We picked it up for about 2.99$ It sums up my life!


I also got my favourite make up remover wipes from Aldi for about 1.50$ I think I’ve talked about them before! They are very gentle and remove even waterproof makeup! And it contains the famous micelar water which is supposed to be very good for your skin!


Finally I picked up these cute paperclips at the dollar shop! They fit the travel theme perfectly and I hope they keep me motivated!


Hopefully it all goes well and I can upgrade to some more luxurious shopping sprees soon!

Keep warm and Happy Shopping! 

#pashajewelryforyourfeet #jewelryforyourfeet #pasha #pashasandals 💎💎💎

#pashajewelryforyourfeet #jewelryforyourfeet #pasha #pashasandals 💎💎💎

Madura sandals
€210 –

Boho sandals
€135 –

Miu Miu genuine leather wallet
€81 –

WWAKE rose cut diamond ring
€1.000 –

Earring jewelry

Vintage belt
€240 –

Pasha Rolla
€150 –

Pasha Sicily White
€150 –

Pasha Corinth Rainbow
€135 –

Pasha Barrio
€135 –