TGIF Happiness!

The weekend is finally here! Here’s some good advice to help you enjoy it better…

Also some tips on confidence…

And finally a cute squirrel!

Enjoy the weekend!

Happy Adventuring!💖💃💖


Jetlag #calamity

Collage 2018-03-01 18_55_40

48 Hours later… I arrived alive with a massive case of jetlag! Everyone’s sleeping at weird hours, including the cat! #calamity But we are here, in Toronto, Canada enjoying homemade Vegan food!

Pictures and stories of the trip will follow… For now, I’m going to zzz! If you follow me on Twitter, @yatsina you’ll see I made it through the marathon moving out/shipping ordeal! Where I’ll actually end up, nobody knows! lol

Happy Travelling! 

GO time! Moving out, karma and #calamity!


I survivethed the #calamity of moving-day! As in, the movers came and collected the things I’m bringing for mum! The entire time super-cat Chinue practised being in her travel bag! She meowed a bit but then settled down,while babysitting Bob supervised the movers! He’s now gone home to his family… we’ll miss Bob! I hope to babysit him again in the future! He’s a fantastic dog!


I’m not going to say it was easy… everything has it’s special type of #calamity…

First of all, I was expecting the movers to come tomorrow, but as Bob and I got in from our walk, they called and said they were half an hour away! Shock and horror! I piled everything together and had no choice but to hope for the best… Whatever wasn’t in the pile, is staying… Thank goodness I am very much in favour of throwing out old things and not hoarding everything! Everybody knows my favourite answer to “should I keep this?” is “BASURAAA!” (Spanish for garbage) lol

Well, you’ll be happy to know that karma kicked my ass… In my frantic piling, I forgot my favourite painting/collage that I had made years ago! #calamity


Well, it’s now BASURAAA! We managed to cut the pictures and some of the stickers off the canvass and I am told I must recreate the whole thing once I arrive in Canada. At least there is a Michaels store where I’m going so I can buy the necessary tools! Who knows, the new collage might turn out better than the original?

These things happen when you move a lot!… What would life be without some #calamity?

Hope you’re having a fun week and I wish you Happy adventures! 

Coffee… because I need to clean!


My friend sent me this and it is so fitting! I’ve been getting ready for my trip to bring Miss Chinue to my mum in Canada! Along with her things… so I want to leave the apartment in the best possible state…


I’ve got never-ending lists and one of the things I need to do is clean! I’ve found this awesome list that will help me to remember all the things to clean and have it clipped as an insert in my planner…. I hope to tick all the boxes before I go…


And this cleaning solution should take care of most of my problems… I’d love to share where I got it but it was one of those random shared posts I get…


The only one who can relax is Bobby, the dog I babysit! He’s not going anywhere and has a new babysitter set up already for while I’m away! I wish I were him!


My Happy Planner is the only thing keeping me sane! To see the bookmark up close, you can see it in my Etsy shop; Yatsinas Art Shop

If you have ever moved apartments, you know how I feel! #calamity

Bring on the coffee!

Happy adventuring! 

Chinue, the travelling cat goes to Canada!

Collage 2018-02-13 20_17_41

Looks like 2018 is off to an exciting start! I’m going back to Canada to deliver my mums cat! Miss Kitty is finally going home to her favourite food on earth… Fancy Feast!


She already knows what’s coming and has started practising going in her travel bag! I often find her hanging around her bag as if to say “don’t forget me!”

She is a very mobile cat who enjoys exploring so she won’t be nervous as long as we practise being in the bag for a longer period of time.

When we first arrived in Spain, she came out of her bag right away and went exploring the hotel on her leash! As long as we are with her, she is comfortable in any situation!

To do this, we put her in the bag and take her for walks or just let her sit inside for some time. Each time she goes in the bag, we leave her inside for longer time until her final practise will be for about 7 hours when the movers come to pick up the boxes.

The important thing for me to remember is to stay calm when we practise, she can always tell when I’m getting nervous!

She will miss Bob, our babysitting dog terribly but we plan to get her her own dog as soon as possible! Who would guess that a cat would enjoy the company of a dog?


Who knows, being such a courageous cat, maybe she will come to Spain for holidays?

Miss Chinue wishes all of you Happy Adventures and a BIG bowl of Fancy Feast!