I sure hope so!…


I found this quote and I sure hope it applies! I have booked my flights! Off to Canada it is! I cannot wait! Although Spain has been a fun adventure, the everyday life is too slow moving for me! Can you imagine that my internet was cut off because it has a limited amount of data you can use a month? (Hence being MIA for a few days!) Or that you cannot pay a bill unless if you have an appointment on a specific day? That never happened in Canada! I am missing good old North American efficiency!

The only thing keeping me going is my Happy Planner! So here are some pictures in romantic lighting of how I decorated my weeks of slow to no internet!

IMG_0769 (2)

The sidebar I decorated with free printables from victoriathatcher.com and @gpstickerstudio on Etsy! If you join their Facebook group, they sometimes do free printables that you can size according to your needs!


My full boxes are fromΒ GPStickerStudioΒ although I’m not sure they still have the same sets available! I still recommend this shop for all your planner needs!

The next week is a complete mix of free stickers, stickers I had from my scrap-booking albums and I even made my own banners with washi tape! You can see I am on a no-spend month while I complete my move!

IMG_0764 (2)

The only noteworthy thing, besides my running around organising things was the epic thunderstorm we had that knocked out the lights and flooded lots of places!

I call more than one day off quantity time since I’m not used to having that much free time! I like how the improvised banner turned out though! And the stamps from Aldi worked really well! No running and they dried really fast too!


IMG_0766 (2)

Finally I’m up to date with planning! This week was epic with running around to different offices! Check out the romantic shot! lolΒ Β IMG_0778 (2)

Here is a overview of my spread! I like the colour combination! I didn’t think it would work so well!

IMG_0775 (2)

I am enjoying my handmade page dividers! This week I’m using them more for decoration, but they are functional as well as they stick out from the planer, letting my know which page I’m at! I especially love that they move independently and don’t take up the entire page! If you wish to check them out, the link to my shop is here;Β YatsinasArtShoponEtsy

IMG_0777 (2)

My favourite feature in this weeks spread is the inspirational quotes! With all the calamities I faced, I needed every single one!

IMG_0773 (2)

IMG_0774 (2)

That’s my update so far! I have been really busy these days but should be doing some fun shopping hauls and activities soon!

So Happy Planning and Book that Flight!Β 






Halloween Happiness!


Halloween in review! I didn’t do anything I planned to do, or what normal people did! I did get to check out the cool decoration at my friends bar Magpies at the Port and I’m guessing they had a fantastic party that evening.



We stayed in but had some yummy frozen fruit-infused water! It looks really spectacular but is literally just frozen fruit and loads of ice in water!

Here is a close up! We used berries, peaches and coconut but you can use any fruit you like! So refreshing!


For snacks I had roasted Chestnuts, my favourite of the season!

1508252643751 1

The most fun I had was in my Happy Planner with my Halloween insert from my Etsy shop Yatsinas Art Shop on Etsy and some free printable stickers by madeinaday.com


Here are some closeups of the Halloween stickers! I love the little spiders and bat icons!


And I hid my to-do-list under the EEK! Sticker by only applying glue to the top part of the cutout and using it as a little flap to cover my list!


Our days off I decorated with the other icons that came with the page! So cute!


I call it quantity-time because we’re not used to having so much time off! lol I’m sure we’ll find something interesting to do!

Hope you had a Happy Halloween too!Β 


As ready for Halloween as ever!


Although Spain is still hot and sunny, its been getting a bit cooler in the evenings, meaning fall is coming at last! I’ve also received the odd invitation to Halloween events at local bars! That, and some places have decoration up! However it’s not a major thing here unless you have children!

So I’m not entirely sure if I want to decorate this year, I’m considering adding some decor to my mantle piece and have found some awesome i deas that can be done for cheap! I found all of these ideas on a website called IdeaStand.com and will post some of the pictures from the site so you can see my favourites! The link to the article where all of the ideas can be found isΒ 25 Easy and Cheap DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas

My all time favourite that they posted is the Halloween Town! I think it would look fantastic on my mantle piece!


However these apothecary jars and bottles look cool too!


Especially if I add in some glamorous skulls!


I think for the bottom section I’d like these flower pots as well! They are spooky without being tacky! I really am enjoying the darker colour theme this website proposes!


As a finishing touch I think these DIY bats are awesome because you can arrange them any way you like!


Let’s see how well I do, considering I’m in a tourist area where shopping is very different compared to shopping in North America! #homesweethome

At least my Happy Planner is ready to go! I’ve made some fun Halloween Inserts that feature my hand-drawn doodles and some fun quotes! I’ll link my new Etsy shop so you can try them out if you wish!Β Yatsinas Art Shop on Etsy

Here is my Happy Witch and the quote on the back!



And my Pumpkin Themed design!



All of them are cut out in unusual shapes and laminated for strength and I’ll be adding more designs to the shop as I go! It’s literally brand new!

1508930380856 (2)

Bob (my artistic director) and I wish you a Happy Halloween!Β 

That Happy Planner Life…


What a fitting quote for this month! This is the monthly divider in my Classic Happy Planner. I have the undated version which suits me perfectly and this divider just happens to coincide with the fall storms and the most hectic moment in my life!

Here is the overview of my favourite spread so far!Β DSCN0587

I had to use magazine clippings as I am extremely low on stickers! But I like how it turned out! Especially as I managed to match the washi tapes and pen colors to give it a bit of a theme!


I drew my own day off stickers out of post it notes but I really like how the ‘Glam Life’ fills the boxes completely going over just a bit to make it look natural!

And my quote in my sidebar is too fitting! I love how the colours of the clippings matched my washi tape from the Chinese shop! It only cost 1.00$ for 3 rolls and I got it ages ago!


As always I like clipping my clip-on-page-marker to the magnetic one so the pages don’t get damaged!


I have a few more spreads from this month that I like but with the rain I haven’t been able to take good pictures yet! I also managed to get some free printable stickers that I’ve been enjoying and will include in future posts!

Happy Planning! I hope you have a great week!Β 









My Happy Planner is my Brain

Finally I got my act together and managed to take the pictures of my Happy Planner! It is after all, the only thing keeping my life from falling apart!

At least I’ve got my photography assistant to help me set up good shots!


Here’s an overview of the week of August the 21st where we had the solar eclipse! It was the theme of my week although we couldn’t see anything over here in Europe!


Normally I have a quote in my sidebar, however this week I wrote in some random facts about the solar eclipse on one of the sticky notes that came with my Happy Planner. I thinkΒ  it’ll be a cool way to remember the event without having to google the facts!


Then I decorated the second half of the page with some random stickers! The butterfly is really a bookmark from Daphney’s Diary that I got years ago! I cut it up and glued it in to mark the solar eclipse!


This washi tape from the local Dollar Store fits the theme perfectly!


All the full boxes you see are from GP Sticker Studio on Etsy! I used them to mark time off!


The week of August 28th was the week where everything went wrong! I had friends visiting but instead of seeing them, I ended up having to search for a rental car!Β I still love the way this spread turned out and it sure kept me organised during that stressful week!


I used the nail stickers from Primark to mark the work schedule and the large friends sticker I had from years ago! If you look at the bottom of the picture, you’ll see I postponed all cybering until I resolved the problems! lol


September 4th life was finally back to normal, but I am now running out of sticker sets which means I have to improvise! Besides the full boxes from GP Sticker Studio, all other stickers are from the local Dollar Store. My plan was to not buy any more stickers until after my move, but I’m not sure how that will work out…


In this spread, I used washi tape to mark work schedules and time off with matching tape that had a different pattern!

As a small life hack; if your page clip is bending your paper, I have found that if I put on a magnetic page-mark first, and then clip the clip to the magnet, it not only looks cute, but it protects the page as well!


Absolutely love my quote this week! Being part Jamaican I can totally relate!


As you can see, my spreads are getting more improvised as I am almost completely out of stickers! I used some random scrapbooking paper and cut it up to decorate my sidebar! The heart sticker I used to mark our day off and quote sticker was from another random scrapbooking kit! I purposely used the tape holders cutter to cut the edges of the washi tape in an uneven way to give the spread more life!


Finally here is a closeup of the top of my page with my improvised decoration!


I’m so glad I’m finally caught up with my Happy Planner post! It’s also a great way to keep memories, no matter how stressful they were!

So I’m off to plan some more! If anyone knows of any free printable stickers, please let me know in a comment!

Happy Planning!

Random finds! πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ

Whoever designed this is brilliant! I’m currently using it as my screensaver and it makes me happy just looking at it! πŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’Ÿ
These nails also incorporate the cheerful summer colors! So cute!

I’ve been using my Happy Planner religiously and it’s keeping me sane and in control of everything, especially as we are planning on moving soon! πŸ’›πŸ”°πŸ’± I found this idea on Pinterest (@yatsina) for keeping track of your seasonal #bucketlist and I would like to try something similar for fall! I’ll share the results in a future post!πŸ’Ÿ

Finally I’m sharing this quote which I think totally applies! Some friendships are truly forever! πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ

Hope you’re enjoying the end of the summer season! πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ

August in my Happy Planner! πŸŒ…πŸπŸ’Ÿ

This month is a busy one so my Happy Planner is a vital part of life! I’ve run out of sticker kits so have been improvising with washi tape and magazine clippings! 🌸

This picture of a luxury house in California inspired my theme. If only I could remember which magazine it was from!  #oldage #memoryfail πŸ™†

Here’s my second half of the week more or less before the ink…

I made my own weekend banner! 🌸

And filled my sidebar with decorative washi and this cute quote! πŸ’Ÿ

The page clips I got in a packet of six from the Chinese shop for only 1.00$! Loves it! πŸ’Ÿ

This should help with keeping track of everything that needs to be done! 🌸

I also hope to have some fun before the end of the month! I’m inspired by this August to do list by http://www.evelynhenson.com and will try to complete the list! πŸ’Ÿ

Finally I found this fitting quote on Instagram which will help to inspire us all to try and upgrade our lives! πŸ’Ÿ

Happy August adventures! πŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸπŸŒ…πŸ’›