Random Cyber Finds & Inspiration for 2018!


Chalk drawing!

Winter is here! Even in Spain! It’s gone down to 1 degree in the morning when I’ve taken Bob the Yorkie out! Freezing! So here is a collection of random cyber-finds and the links to their sites that have cheered me up and give me hope that 2018 will be a good year with less #calamity!

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Since it’s been so cold I’ve been in the mood for some hearty food! Like this Vegan recipe! Looks delicious, so I’ll leave the link right here… Vegan Potato Mushroom Cakes My goal for 2018 is to become more vegan rather than less! I’m already vegetarian so it’s not a far stretch!


I’ve also been seeing white as a nail polish colour for the winter! Looks so glam! Whether the nail-polish advertised in the picture is any good, I don’t know! I just like the look! Snow by Hype Vegan Nailpolish



19 Flirty Blonde Hair Colors

I also see that blonde hair is finally coming back in fashion for 2018! So excited as I really enjoyed being a blonde years ago! I’ll be joining that trend asap! You can read the whole article linked above and get some blonde-inspiration!


Another cool trend I found is this awesome ultra violet colour that will be trending in 2018 and I can’t wait! I always love seeing which colour will be the colour of the year since it gives the whole thing an official theme! And this year it’s beautiful!

Pantone 2018 Color of the Year; Ultra Violet


Black Diamond Gold Engagement Ring Set 14K Rose Gold Flower Engagement Rings

Now this is stunning! I’m not asking for anything or hoping or wanting anything, besides a credit card to go shopping for myself! So boyfriend, you can chill out! I just love this ring and wanted to share it! Who knows, maybe someone will get lucky in 2018?


If only we still wore these glamorous outfits… #swoon Balmain, 1953

I hope you’ve enjoyed my cyber finds and are having a great holiday season!

Keep warm! xoxo!