Monday Vibes!

Found this floating about on the internet and it is so fitting for today!

It seems everyone is extremely needy today! Which is super-annoying! Must be the position of the moon or something!… #calamity

I hope your monday was better than mine!

I am currently having a glass of Kraken rum and will be enjoying a vegan cottage pie!

Have a good evening and Happy Adventuring! 🌛


Dreams vs Reality…

I wish real life came with a built in Snapchat filter! Glowing skin, perfect hair and cute ears! …

The real #calamity is that reality has different ideas and I’m forever trying to catch up with beauty treatments!

My favorite hair dye at the moment is this Schwarzkopf DIY which gives me a nice red highlite! Perfect for fall!

It is quick to apply and covers greys as well…

As I said, I need that Snapchat filter for real life!

Wishing you a great weekend!

Happy Adventuring! 🎆🎆🎆

Jetlag #calamity

Collage 2018-03-01 18_55_40

48 Hours later… I arrived alive with a massive case of jetlag! Everyone’s sleeping at weird hours, including the cat! #calamity But we are here, in Toronto, Canada enjoying homemade Vegan food!

Pictures and stories of the trip will follow… For now, I’m going to zzz! If you follow me on Twitter, @yatsina you’ll see I made it through the marathon moving out/shipping ordeal! Where I’ll actually end up, nobody knows! lol

Happy Travelling! 

GO time! Moving out, karma and #calamity!


I survivethed the #calamity of moving-day! As in, the movers came and collected the things I’m bringing for mum! The entire time super-cat Chinue practised being in her travel bag! She meowed a bit but then settled down,while babysitting Bob supervised the movers! He’s now gone home to his family… we’ll miss Bob! I hope to babysit him again in the future! He’s a fantastic dog!


I’m not going to say it was easy… everything has it’s special type of #calamity…

First of all, I was expecting the movers to come tomorrow, but as Bob and I got in from our walk, they called and said they were half an hour away! Shock and horror! I piled everything together and had no choice but to hope for the best… Whatever wasn’t in the pile, is staying… Thank goodness I am very much in favour of throwing out old things and not hoarding everything! Everybody knows my favourite answer to “should I keep this?” is “BASURAAA!” (Spanish for garbage) lol

Well, you’ll be happy to know that karma kicked my ass… In my frantic piling, I forgot my favourite painting/collage that I had made years ago! #calamity


Well, it’s now BASURAAA! We managed to cut the pictures and some of the stickers off the canvass and I am told I must recreate the whole thing once I arrive in Canada. At least there is a Michaels store where I’m going so I can buy the necessary tools! Who knows, the new collage might turn out better than the original?

These things happen when you move a lot!… What would life be without some #calamity?

Hope you’re having a fun week and I wish you Happy adventures! 

Random Views of Malaga! #travel

The second day into the visit, my travelling friend decided to go to Malaga, but not to see the sights… to see the suburbs and mountains! It sure was a different way to see the city!


Here are some city views, taken by my LG phone! I have a bad habit of not bringing my camera when there is actually something to see! I still think the pictures turned out great!


We ended up going up a random hill and saw some beautiful houses! It must be great to live there!


Some more views of the countryside!


I can’t tell you exactly where we were, but that always happens when my friend decides to drive! lol #fail

Here’s a link to some of my video clips if you want to visualise the trip!

Driving in Malaga

Happy Adventuring! 

A little roadtrip to Dulcemar, Almeria #travel

This last two days has been filled with adventure! One of my friends came to visit and rented a car. He loves to travel even more than I do. So we went adventuring!


We said we were going out for coffee… three hours later we were visiting one of my best friends at the Hotel ATH Portomagno in Dulcemar, Almeria!


We drove through hills and along the coast on the A7 highway and enjoyed some of the best views!


We also passed the “Plastic city” outside Almeria where there is the largest concentration of green-houses in the world. I’ll link an article in case you wish to read more about it! All you could see was plastic roofing! The Greenhouses of Almeria


Finally we arrived at the hotel where we visited with our friend. It is a beautiful hotel, although we only sat in the lobby bar and had some coffee!


The beach looks lovely too, maybe save swimming for the summer though!


Maybe one day I can go back and spend more time so I can see the town as well! It was still a great day!

Wherever you are going next, I wish you Happy adventuring!


A few hours in Lisbon! #travel #bucketlist

I have been meaning to post this since I got back from my trip to Canada! So here it is!

On our way back from Toronto, we had a day layover in Lisbon, Portugal. Not an overnight, just a few hours between flights. So we decided to go exploring… It is a beautiful city!

We didn’t have a plan for what we should see, so I’m sure we missed loads of sights! But we took the subway to Cais do Sodre and just started walking!

Our first stop was the Mercado Da Ribeira, a huge indoor market with restaurant stalls and loads of fresh veggies, meat and fish! (I’m a vegetarian so I stayed away from the meat stalls! )

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After that, we just walked through town enjoying the city streets and interesting buildings!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What I love the most are the narrow streets and interesting buildings! I could have taken a picture of every single street it was so beautiful!

DSCN1042DSCN1044DSCN1050DSCN1091 (2)DSCN1094DSCN1096DSCN1097

This little square was so beautiful and the bar in the archway is such a cute place!

DSCN1045DSCN1046 (2)DSCN1048

Without knowing it we headed in the right direction and arrived in the museum area and at the Arco da Rua Augusta. I’m going to have to read up on the history of it all! DSCN1053DSCN1054DSCN1060DSCN1064 (2)DSCN1065DSCN1066

The square was beautiful as well!


We also walked to the waterfront and saw the National Sanctuary of Christ the King  from across the water!


Even the streetcar was decorated for Christmas! So cute!

Finally here’s a picture of me in the city!

I was so happy since it has been my #bucketlist item to visit Lisbon since I was 14 years old! It wasn’t a long visit, but hopefully one day I can go back and sight-see properly!

Thank you Lisbon for a wonderful afternoon! I’ll be back! #Wanderlust