If you feel tired or just overwhelmed by life…go home and rest! Don’t feel bad for taking some time out! Vegetate until you feel ready to face life again!

Happy Resting! ⭐


2019 can only get better…

Some exclusive New Years Party or a vacation at an exotic locale… No, the common cold…#calamity!

I have been ko for a week, dragging myself out only for work related things.

New Years I spent sippping water on my sofa! How un-unglamorous!

Well, it can only get better! I have plots and plans for this year that will hopefully make it a fun time!

So, wishing you a great start to 2019!

Happy Adventuring! ❤

Allen Gardens in Toronto! #sightseeing ⭐

Another weekend spent downtown Toronto. This time we went to see Allen Gardens, an indoor garden overflowing with flowers!

So let’s get to it with the flower pics…

And some mood shots…

It’s all under this beautiful dome! ⏫ The perfect cure to winter blues! 💙

After we walked around downtown and took more pics…

I love seeing how the light comes out in these shots!

For dinner we had the Beyond Meat burger at A&W, so amazing and tasty and filling! For a second my brain was questioning if it was really vegan! 👍👍👍👍👍

Lastly I snapped this cute window display! It’ll probably become a screensaver on my phone! ⏬

It’s always nice to go downtown and each outing is always different, be it a new event to visit or just the mood set by the weather!

Hope you have a great weekend ahead and Happy Adventuring!✈

Holiday season in YYZ! 🍸

The decorations and lights always make the holidays special! Enjoy some pics I took on our recent walk-about downtown Toronto!

The flowers were a dream…

And the city streets were such a mood! I could have walked forever!

We dropped in the Eatons center for dinner and found some delicious vegan food at Urban Herbivore!

The curry was delicious! ⏫ I wish I could have tried the deserts too!

Then we headed to the Holiday market! I can never remember the name of the square! Help?

So gorgeous!

It would not be a holiday post without the displays from Saks 5th Avenue! All of them had moving parts and music! Sooo adorable!

Wishing you a happy and stressfree holiday season!

Happy Adventuring!🍸💛

The American Meme Movie (calamity)

This week was a bit tiring! Lots of work and people-ing! And to top it off I thought it would be a good idea to watch The American Meme!

It wasn’t a good idea at all! It was eye-opening and a little traumatic! It seems that only people with huge inflatable lips or people that get naked will ever be famous! Not like fame is my goal… But still! It would be nice to see people who have an actual message included in the movie! All I saw was body parts flying by at impressive speeds and depressed super stars! #calamity

Now this is my opinion, I’m sure this movie might have some positive sides as well… I just didn’t see them…

I think from now on I’m going to stay away from these types of movies. They make the world look too plastic.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Happy Adventuring! 💛

Holiday decor at the Mandarin restaurant!

You’d think this post would be about food, but no, it’s just pretty pictures of holiday decorations…

And fish…live fish! Not dead ones on plates! 😉

How cute! 💛💛

And the food was good too, I had salad and fruits…

Unfortunately there weren’t loads of vegan options…but a beautiful salad bar is always great!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Happy Adventuring! 💛💛💛