There is nothing going on…

Normally I get to go on fun adventures but lately it’s been so routine I’m not even sure I’m alive! I’m sure I’m not the only person feeling that way and maybe it’s because I’ve gotten used to constant excitement and action that I am bad at enjoying the simple things…

I do have a few shopping hauls that I am waiting to receive in the mail and maybe a weekend-outing coming up…

It’s just not anything earth-shattering like moving country or a fabulous event…

Even my Instagram seems to know I lack inspiration and has compiled my favorite things into my suggestions feed…

At least my loyal cat, Chinue has bern keeping me company and has been trying to teach me how to relax.

I hope I make it and a new adventure presents itself soon…

Until then..

Happy Adventuring!


Full-time, Part-time, Night-time! 💖

This has once more become my insert as life has just gotten a lot more interesting! As you may know, my Happy Planner Inserts have been quite popular so I decided to re-do my planner shop! I’ll insert the link below…

Not only did I re-open, but I am also going to Planners Gonna Plan in Toronto! Sooooo excited!!!

I only have a small table and an even smaller following…but we’ll see…Either everyone will love my crazy designs, or I can give up and design for myself! We’ll see what happens…Destiny is written in the stars! 💖

So for now it’s back to working full-time, part-time and night-time to make my dreams come true!

If you ever have a dream or an idea, no matter how crazy it seems, go for it! You only regret the things you never try!

Happy Adventuring! 💖💖💖

Winter in Sarnia

So I took another trip to Sarnia! It’s great in the summer and beautiful in the winter!

We got there in the late afternoon and took a stroll by the river.

It was cold but beautiful to see the sun setting over the ice. Because of the humidity it feels much colder than it is!

Then we checked into our hotel, the Quality Inn!

The rooms are nice and clean and comfortable! I was bot saving 10 dollars to check into a motel of death! If you are ever in need of a place to stay for a random night somewhere, choose the best place you can afford! It does not make sense to suffer unnecessarily to save a few dollars uf you are sleeping somewhere horrible! Yolo!

We went to Lambton mall for some necessities and La Senza had a promo on so I picked up some loot…

After dinner we went to our favorite local bar, the Ups and Downs! It’s so cozy!

Breakfast was interesting…we found some semi-vegan options! Not sure about the muffin but I survived!

Then we went to see the bridge and river by daylight before heading home!

In the winter the waterfront is silent! You can’t hear a single sound! It was totally fascinating!

Overall I enjoyed the trip although it is more lively in the summer!

Have a great weekend and as always, Happy Adventuring! 🎊

Don’t do anything! Mercury is in retrograde! ⭐

Another challenging month! If everything seems to be going backwards and not going right, you are not alone!

I’ve had days where up to 7 things have gone wrong consecutively! And I’ve had to drastically change my timeline to make up for the epic fails! One day I had to leave work so my friend could make his flight because the transit system broke down randomly!

Even my beloved car had an engine light come on! Thank goodness it was just a sensor!

According to the horoscopes the planet is going so slowly it seems to be going backwards! In history it was rumored to cause ships to sink and all kinds of emergencies! I should hope this no longer applies!

Anyway, take it easy! Don’t try to do too much until this #calamity passes! Now is the time to rest, relax and make plans for future adventures!

Have a great week ahead!

Happy resting! 🌛

Without further ado…the 2019 Toronto carshow! 👀

There is nothing much to say! I have been waiting to go to the carshow since I was 18! It’s a major bucketlist item and I loved every second of it! I came, I saw, I enjoyed!

And more pics…

Words cannot describe how awesome it was! If you ever get the chance, GO! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Wishing you a great week and

Happy Adventuring!

When birthdays freeze over! ❄🌀❄

Epic plans were made for dinner in town and cake decor…and then it snowed and now it’s freezing rain! #calamity ❄ Driving to town was not an option and so was going to the specialty store for crazy cake decorations! I didn’t even get a candle this year! Although none of my wishes ever came true…I’m still waiting for that Junior school boy to ask me for a date! 😆 Talk about #calamity!

I ended up with whatever was in the house at the time! However it was vegan and delicious chocolate cake! Can’t complain there! And the snow looks pretty in pics!

Lucky for me, my special people were prepared with presents so I’ll leave you with images of my birthday loot!

My favorite gift by far is this piece of art my partner gave me! It is made by a local artist and features a 3D design! I love it! 💜💜💜

And I even got a pot for my onion plant and handmade card from my mum! Among other things..

It was a nice and relaxing time. I do deserve a re-do somewhere nice though!

Hoping you are keeping warm and avoiding winter calamities! ❄❄❄

Happy Adventuring! 🌀

I survived an epic cold!😰

These last two weeks have been pure #calamity ! I totally lost my voice, coughed in a very unladylike manner and barely slept at all!

Worse I had to keep working so all I did was work and sofa! Nothing exciting to report!

This weekend is the first weekend I feel half alive! So back to cybering it is!

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Happy Adventuring!💛