Contest Time on Polyvore; Join Yatsinas Fashion Inspiration Group

This is just a quick note for those of you on Polyvore, to let you know that I’m hosting my first contest in my group; Yatsinas Fashion Inspiration with a prize to be won! It’ll be a sample pack of L’Occitane products for hands, body and face that I picked up for 4.00EU at the local Primor beauty shop! This contest is not sponsored, I just really enjoyed the products and thought I’d share them with fellow beauty and fashion lovers!


It’ll be open for one week and you can enter as many times as you like! I’ll share the link below, and some close up pictures of the prize packet to be won!

Home Spa Day Contest

Here are some close-up shots of the products!

I bought a set for myself and am in love with this brand! All the creams work really well and absorb fast so you are not left with greasy residue!

I’ll be announcing the winner on Polyvore as you have to be part of the group to enter!

Good Luck! And Happy Designing! 







Another Day, Another Beach!

As always, Spain involves a lot of waiting, a lot of come back tomorrow… in this case the bank had me waiting due to holiday hours…

So I ended up at the beach, it was almost sunrise so there were next to no people! Here are the pictures! I think they turned out beautifully! Thanks bank! lol


A view of Fuengirola…


A look in the other direction….


Here I am going half blind from the sun! lol


Finally I’ll leave the link to my Periscope from the morning so you can visualise better!

Early morning beach view Fuengirola

Have a great weekend! 

Fall-ing in Love with Vegetarian Food!


Looks like Buffy stopped by my house last night! lol…

Fall is finally arriving! Even in hot Spain! The air is crisper and the daytime isn’t unbearably hot anymore! Finally! I even managed to get a vegan pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks the other day!

I’m trying to go vegan, but sometimes it’s difficult, so I’m apparently classed as a #parisvegan, a person who eats vegetarian when they go out with family and friends, but tries to eat vegan whenever they can… sounds about right!

We went for date night dinner at El Candil, a little restaurant in Fuengirola the other night and it was amazing!


The view looking out the windows at the carusel is so cute!



The food is mainly meat, but it does have vegetarian options, and they were delicious!

I had the house salad,


garlic bread,


and vegetarian pasta!


I really enjoyed it and will be back asap! If you’re in the area, you should check it out! Easy to find by the carousel at the Fuengirola port!

Finally I found this cute quote that sums up my feelings for fall!


Happy Pumpkin Spice Lattes! 

New Polyvore Group!

I’ve been really enjoying Polyvore these days! It is my virtual dream closet, and I do plan to buy my favourite items as soon as life settles down! But for now I love to visualise the outfits that I could wear!

So I’ve decided to create a Fashion Group and I’ll leave the link below! I hope that if you have a Polyvore account and like my style, you’ll join! I’m hoping to reach 30 Followers as soon as possible so I can host a contest with a cute little prize! (I’ve already got the prize sitting here, looking at me!)

So here is the link! Yatsinas Fashion Inspiration and I hope to see you soon!

Happy Shopping and Creating! 

The cat… Because calamity!


As always, life gets in the way of cybering!….My phone broke for the third time and I had to reset it, meaning I lost all my pictures! The only thing left are pictures of my cat on my crazy construction balcony!

However I do have to say LG makes the best phones! I have had a 3S for two years now, and it survived a fall into a mop bucket full of professional grade chemicals and another fall that knocked out the camera! However both times it revived, including the camera! Just like Jesus! lol

So here are some pictures of the cat! She cheers me up!


Finally I found this quote to keep me motivated with all the different projects!


#TuesdayMotivation ! Have a great day! 

Lazy Beach Day and Happy Planning!

After all the excitement, a few hours at the beach in La Cala de Mijas were totally welcome! Here are some pictures I took!

There were still a few people at the beach, but it wasn’t packed and the water is way too cold for me so I didn’t swim! But I did Periscope! I’ll insert the link here so you can visualise the beach! Beach day at La Cala!



I found these stones and had some fun!


And of course a Beach Selfie!


The tower behind me is a look out point!

Finally I managed to fill out the monthly view of September in my Happy Planner:


I cut out the relevant horoscopes and glued them in as they seem very accurate this month!


A closeup of my favorite divider! It comes with the Planner and I love it!

Happy Living! 

Summer Adventures Part 3

So you’re probably wondering why I didn’t review the Selwo Adventure Park that came with our tickets this summer… but I was debating weather or not I should…

To be honest, I hate going to zoos, animals always look depressed and bored and I’d rather not go. However since it was included with our package and we liked the water display, we went. It was a zoo… So I’m not going to say anything more..

I’m going to leave the Flipogram link for you to at least see some cute animals!

You won’t catch me at another zoo!

Happy adventuring!