Not dead, just busy doing vegan things!

I’ve been helping my friends to open their new vegan deli/takeaway restaurant in Oshawa. More info is on it’s way as I plan to go to opening day as well!

Check out the facebook page for FGF Vegan for more info!

Happy Adventuring!💚💚🌱


Yorkdale Window shopping and Vegan Carribean takeaway!

After all the bad weather we finally got out of the house and went to Yorkdale mall.

It’s a huge mall with mainly luxury brands! You can find most major designers there! And regular shops as well!

For me, luxury means a coffee at Starbucks and a small treat from Aldo…

After, we went to Wal-Mart in Scarborough for some tech supplies and also stopped by Pier 1. As I don’t have a house, all I could do was look…

I took some pictures of my favorite pieces!

Kinda makes me miss the beach!

Check out these Zen animals! I’d take one of each!

Pier 1 has the best home decor!

Dinner was a vegan version of rice and peas with mixed veggies from the Scarborough mall food court! I don’t remember the name of the restaurant, but it was delicious!

On the way out, we saw this cake shop where you can order special cakes! They decorate them beautifully!

I got this cute wallet from Aldos for 15$! It fits all my cards perfectly! Loves it! 💜

Hope you have a great weekend!

Happy Adventuring! 🍍🍸

Vegan Food at its finest!

All I’ve done this week is eat…

So here are some pictures! Maybe you’ll be inspired to become vegan… or more vegan! Anyway…pretty food pics…who can say no to that?

Italian night: soy pasta with seitan saussage!

Mexico: Pulled Jackfruit tacos with coleslaw!

Thailand: Ricepaper wraps and Thai green curry!

Italian night again: Bruchetta and Cheese filled Pizza!

English dinner: Fish and Chips and Calamari!

Jamaican lunch: Yam, Breadfruit, Okra, Tofu and Ackee with Rica and Peas!

And for Desert? Vegan Pancakes of course!

Can you believe all this delicious food is all vegan?

Happy Eating!

Vegan taste test! Food I never had before!

I’ve been staying with a vegan friend so I’ve been lucky enough to go to all the vegan stores in the area.

This one was a bit further downtown Toronto but with sunshine it’s a fun drive! Yam Chops has an awesome selection of vegan meat so we practically got one of each!

The drive through town was also fun! I love highrises! They seem so glam!

We even passed the ROM and want to go back to see the Viking exhibition!

Once home we unpacked and made a vegan meat feast!

With some fresh salad!

Fantastic! My favorites were the pulled jack fruit and crab cakes! So if you’re in the area I recommend you pick some up!

Happy adventuring!

Food, glorious #Vegan Food!

I don’t know why people seem to think that going Vegan is so difficult! It seems there is fresh and organic food available in every shop in Canada! Even Walmart…  We’ve been making delicious home-cooked meals ever since we’ve arrived! The amount of tofu, fresh veggies and spices is amazing! I believe I’ll be a complete Vegan soon! #goals

Here are some food ideas… Fresh salad with breaded tofu…


Some Stir fried Veggies with Coconut Lime and Ginger Rice…


And some more salad with Smoked Tofu…


With these ingredients, we don’t need to go to a restaurant! It also helps if your boyfriend is a chef!…

Completely unrelated to food, we found this ring-holder at Walmart which we will be returning to get! Not only is it very Zen and beautiful… it also has a special meaning for my family…

20180311_144126 (2)

Canada is an amazing place to visit and I’ll be posting more pictures soon!

For now, Happy Adventuring! 

#tbt Spain!

Some leftover pictures from Spain to pass the time!


A beautiful moody view of Benalmadena Pueblo…


And these are the crazy caterpillars outside out old house! We were lucky that none of the pets ever got into contact with them as they are poisonous! Cute but creepy!


Finally some pictures of the street and orange trees!


I miss it already! But there is lots to do and see here so I hope to be ok!

Happy Adventuring! Book that flight! 

Jetlag #calamity

Collage 2018-03-01 18_55_40

48 Hours later… I arrived alive with a massive case of jetlag! Everyone’s sleeping at weird hours, including the cat! #calamity But we are here, in Toronto, Canada enjoying homemade Vegan food!

Pictures and stories of the trip will follow… For now, I’m going to zzz! If you follow me on Twitter, @yatsina you’ll see I made it through the marathon moving out/shipping ordeal! Where I’ll actually end up, nobody knows! lol

Happy Travelling!