Chinue, the travelling cat goes to Canada!

Collage 2018-02-13 20_17_41

Looks like 2018 is off to an exciting start! I’m going back to Canada to deliver my mums cat! Miss Kitty is finally going home to her favourite food on earth… Fancy Feast!


She already knows what’s coming and has started practising going in her travel bag! I often find her hanging around her bag as if to say “don’t forget me!”

She is a very mobile cat who enjoys exploring so she won’t be nervous as long as we practise being in the bag for a longer period of time.

When we first arrived in Spain, she came out of her bag right away and went exploring the hotel on her leash! As long as we are with her, she is comfortable in any situation!

To do this, we put her in the bag and take her for walks or just let her sit inside for some time. Each time she goes in the bag, we leave her inside for longer time until her final practise will be for about 7 hours when the movers come to pick up the boxes.

The important thing for me to remember is to stay calm when we practise, she can always tell when I’m getting nervous!

She will miss Bob, our babysitting dog terribly but we plan to get her her own dog as soon as possible! Who would guess that a cat would enjoy the company of a dog?


Who knows, being such a courageous cat, maybe she will come to Spain for holidays?

Miss Chinue wishes all of you Happy Adventures and a BIG bowl of Fancy Feast! 



Virtual Vision Board 2018!


I’ve been struggling to create my vision board this year! There are just too many things I want to accomplish and try to cram into this year! It took me forever to even come up with my inspirational word! Finally I decided on MANIFEST since I’ve been seeing videos about the Law of Attraction everywhere and this word keeps coming up! Is it a sign from the universe? I hope so!

So normally I cut out images from magazines and create my vision board on scrap-booking paper, however this year I couldn’t find anything that reflects my goals or dreams!

And then I remembered PicCollage, my favourite collage app! I searched for pictures on google and saved the ones that reflect my goals for 2018. About 15 minutes later I made my collage! Why didn’t I think about this earlier?

Collage 2018-02-13 20_17_41

I might print it out and laminate it to hang above my work-space, but I haven’t decided yet. I will however share it to all my devices and use it as a screen saver! What is the thing you look at most? Your computer or phone screen! I’m hoping this works!

I’m hoping to MANIFEST a dog (I have never owned a dog! #weirdfactaboutme), a new house, nice car and a trip to Miami carnival this year! Along with some interesting gym classes like trapeze or aerial silk! I know it sounds extravagant, and the pictures are luxurious, however I think that this is how vision boards work! You see the beautiful things and your mind then goes out to find them…

Here’s hoping!

What are your plans for 2018? Do you have any tricks for making the vision board work? Please let me know!

Happy Manifesting! 

Random Views of Malaga! #travel

The second day into the visit, my travelling friend decided to go to Malaga, but not to see the sights… to see the suburbs and mountains! It sure was a different way to see the city!


Here are some city views, taken by my LG phone! I have a bad habit of not bringing my camera when there is actually something to see! I still think the pictures turned out great!


We ended up going up a random hill and saw some beautiful houses! It must be great to live there!


Some more views of the countryside!


I can’t tell you exactly where we were, but that always happens when my friend decides to drive! lol #fail

Here’s a link to some of my video clips if you want to visualise the trip!

Driving in Malaga

Happy Adventuring! 

A little roadtrip to Dulcemar, Almeria #travel

This last two days has been filled with adventure! One of my friends came to visit and rented a car. He loves to travel even more than I do. So we went adventuring!


We said we were going out for coffee… three hours later we were visiting one of my best friends at the Hotel ATH Portomagno in Dulcemar, Almeria!


We drove through hills and along the coast on the A7 highway and enjoyed some of the best views!


We also passed the “Plastic city” outside Almeria where there is the largest concentration of green-houses in the world. I’ll link an article in case you wish to read more about it! All you could see was plastic roofing! The Greenhouses of Almeria


Finally we arrived at the hotel where we visited with our friend. It is a beautiful hotel, although we only sat in the lobby bar and had some coffee!


The beach looks lovely too, maybe save swimming for the summer though!


Maybe one day I can go back and spend more time so I can see the town as well! It was still a great day!

Wherever you are going next, I wish you Happy adventuring!


A few hours in Lisbon! #travel #bucketlist

I have been meaning to post this since I got back from my trip to Canada! So here it is!

On our way back from Toronto, we had a day layover in Lisbon, Portugal. Not an overnight, just a few hours between flights. So we decided to go exploring… It is a beautiful city!

We didn’t have a plan for what we should see, so I’m sure we missed loads of sights! But we took the subway to Cais do Sodre and just started walking!

Our first stop was the Mercado Da Ribeira, a huge indoor market with restaurant stalls and loads of fresh veggies, meat and fish! (I’m a vegetarian so I stayed away from the meat stalls! )

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After that, we just walked through town enjoying the city streets and interesting buildings!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What I love the most are the narrow streets and interesting buildings! I could have taken a picture of every single street it was so beautiful!

DSCN1042DSCN1044DSCN1050DSCN1091 (2)DSCN1094DSCN1096DSCN1097

This little square was so beautiful and the bar in the archway is such a cute place!

DSCN1045DSCN1046 (2)DSCN1048

Without knowing it we headed in the right direction and arrived in the museum area and at the Arco da Rua Augusta. I’m going to have to read up on the history of it all! DSCN1053DSCN1054DSCN1060DSCN1064 (2)DSCN1065DSCN1066

The square was beautiful as well!


We also walked to the waterfront and saw the National Sanctuary of Christ the King  from across the water!


Even the streetcar was decorated for Christmas! So cute!

Finally here’s a picture of me in the city!

I was so happy since it has been my #bucketlist item to visit Lisbon since I was 14 years old! It wasn’t a long visit, but hopefully one day I can go back and sight-see properly!

Thank you Lisbon for a wonderful afternoon! I’ll be back! #Wanderlust 

Cozy Sunday Inspiration!

I should have been careful what I wished for! Today started off all nice and sunny and I hoped it’d rain so my patio would get a wash without me having to be personally involved! Well, there is a huge storm blowing outside and the patio has definitely gotten a good wash!

Collage 2018-01-28 17_40_34

My babysitting-dog, Bob the Yorkie and I have barely left the sofa! And my cat cannot be found! She must be sleeping in her favourite spot in the closet!

To keep warm we’ve been drinking loads of coffee and cybering on Pinterest! There are some beautiful coffee corners! Mine, not so much… A cup each, sugar, coffee and some plain cookies if we remember to buy some! … #FAIL


I’ve saved some inspirational pics so I can better decorate my next home, which will hopefully have more space for a real coffee corner!


Cute Keurig Coffee Corner

I cannot wait to have a Keurig or a coffee machine with the cute and tasty pods!

Another idea I like is this Coffee Station


I even found the perfect picture to hang over the coffee corner! Apparently it’s a DIY!

Coffee Art


Hope you’re having a great Sunday!

I heart Coffee! xoxo! 

Wifi is back! The #calamity is over!

cybertime stickers (4)

That is my plan for the next few days! To catch up on all things cyber!

This time the #calamity that struck was EPIC! I have always had problems running out of the fabled Megas with my old company leaving me with slow to no internet for days or even weeks.

So I heard that the urbanizacion where I live has been installing fiber optic internet. Unlimited supply with varying speeds. Yipee! You’d think…

And then #calamity struck! I cancelled the old internet and arranged for the new company to install within a few days! You’d think…

Everything was going well and the technicians even had the cables in the walls, and then they needed to get into an electric box… No keys to be found! The gardener who has the keys, that is ALWAYS around… Not to be found! EPIC FAIL!

So I had to ask the gardener, who didn’t know where the keys are, to ask the administrator, who didn’t know where the keys are… Finally noone knows where the keys are… There are no keys!

Then the weekend arrived so noone is around to help… then a trip to town to arrange with the locksmith! Who hasn’t been yet!

Finally our handyman opened the lock for me to have the installation today! What an ordeal!!!!

But I must admit it was worth it as it flies and comes with international tv!

So I’m off to see what’s new in the world!

Happy Cybering!