Makeup Revolution London Haul! πŸ‘‘

I keept hearing about this brand and then someone mentioned they were a cruelty free company, although I don’t think that all the products are completely vegan. But better than nothing right? So I had to try them out!

My eyeshadow palette is now old and falling apart so I decided to try the “No Photos Please” palette.

It has a cute holographic cover and the colors are beautiful! It gives a great combination of natural and bright colors! For me the size of the pallette is perfect since I never get through a huge pot of color.

They are beautifully pigmented and when you use a primer they really show their color!

Conveniently, this kit came with a small primer too!

Here my loyal cat and I swatched all the colors witthout primer and this was the result! ⏬

Gorgeous right?

I also got the Strobe Highlighter since many famous YouTube’ers have been raving about it!

It totally lives up to the hype giving a gorgeous shiny highlite wherever it’s applied!

I also got the Liquid Highliter and this one is incredibly shiny! It is so shiny that I think I’ll need to save it for a night out! ⏬

Here is the swatch and it is stunning! ⏬

Finally I picked up the Lip set in “Bunny Girl”

It comes with a lip liner and both go on so smooth! Once they dry they are tranfer-proof and I can wear them all afternoon without re-applying!

Chinue and I love this one! It’s a natural color I can wear for so many occasions!

Here are some photos of my first look using these awesome products! ⏬

For my eyed I used the primer, the “Adoration” on the eyelid with the “Supertrash” in the crease. Then all I did was line under my eye with #Jealous of Success”and applied some mascara. All it took was one coat and a bit of blending!

Then I used the Strobe Highliter on my cheeks and bridge of my nose…

And the Lipgloss-set!

A fast and simple look, perfect for adventuring!

Wishing you a happy weekend and Happy Adventuring!πŸ‘‘


Beauty Haul and the joys of life! πŸ’–

Noone can say no to cupcakes! How pretty are these? πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ If you have been following me for a while you’ll know that I am easily entertained and love the little things in life! You can’t always get your way, so small things can really brighten your day!

I’m not rich, but I just got a new Sephora account and went on a miniscule shopping spree!

I originally went in to buy my foundation that I always use…and couldn’t resist this cute box!

Its the Tarte Clay Clinique Amazon Set for only 16.00$! And it comes with bronzer, blush and mascara! I think they are not full size products, but that is fine by me! I like smaller sizes since they never go bad and you can always buy more!

Here are some closeups of the products! I think they would go well on any skin tone as they are very neutral and not super-bright! Deffinitely office-friendly! πŸ’™

Here’s a swatch on my arm!

The cool thing about Sephora is that you can always get samples! They threw in these little serums which I haven’t tried yet!

Continuing my beauty haul, I picked up this nail set by Kiss for 8.97$ at Walmart!

Perfect for when you can’t go to the salon! At first I used the fast adhesive strips, but they only last a day or two. I plan to use the glue next time as this usually lasts a week or even two!

Still loved the results…

Finally I couldn’t resist this pen at the Dollar Store! It was only 2.50$! Perfect for scrapbooking or planning!

As I said, miniscule shopping spree! But loving it!…

I hope you enjoyed my haul and have a wonderful monday and rest of the week!

Happy Adventuring!πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Small Haul, Makeup and Socks! πŸ’–

I’ve been thourougly enjoying the shopping here!

First I received my Younique order from my friend! I love the cute note and sweet treats she included in the package!

I bought the Royalty rosewater facemist and mascara! Both came to about 40.00Β£ including shipping to Canada.

I really love the rosewater! I use it as a moisturizer both morning and night! And I find it even works as a primer for eye makeup that lasts all day!

Here are some close-ups of the Moodstruck Epic Mascara! It goes on easily and gives me awesome thick and long lashes!

Finally i got some totally unromantic socks from Forever 21! 3 pairs for 5.00$ Bargain!

Have a great weekend! Happy Shopping!

Small Haul from Canada and Portugal #travel #shopping

DSCN0810 (2)

Shopping in Canada… Paradise!

I didn’t get to go often, but here is my loot! I got myself aΒ Sephora Collection Make No Mistake Foundation Conceiler Stick! It is perfect and gives me almost full coverage, depending on how I apply it! I can even use it as a conceiler around my eyes!


Rainforest of the Sea Drops Β were on my wishlist since forever! I remember seeing them on Instagram! Let me tell you… they are as awesome as they appear! I can use them as a moisturising layer on top of my makeup or just as a gentle highlighter! It is very liquid though, so be careful opening and using it so it doesn’t spill! I’d die if it fell over! #calamity lol

Those were my “luxury” purchases! It got a bit more reasonable after that! lol


Bath and Body Works was a must! I went in to pick up a present for my mum and ended up with these lovely candles for myself! They are small, but the smell spreads throughout the apartment!


I also picked up this LUSH bathbomb. It was about 7.00$. Just don’t ask me which flavour it was, all I know is that it smells amazing and I haven’t even tried it yet! I will defile the bathtub asap!

DSCN0850DSCN0852 (2)

I’ve always wanted to learn Calligraphy so when I found this set for 20.00$ I had to have it! It comes with the pens, ink and a practice book! Loves it!


I picked up these two books to satisfy my inner nerd!Β The Mammoth Book of the MafiaΒ I got at the airport in Portugal so I didn’t get to take a good picture!


In Lisbon airport I picked up these stickers for 2.00$ at the Accessorize Store! I’ll use them to mark any pet-related activities in my Happy Planner! Too cute!


Finally I couldn’t resist these cute sparkly headphones! However they don’t really sit well in my ears and keep falling out! What a pitty! Or maybe I just need bigger ears? Lol

That’s it for my Small Haul from my trip! I hope you enjoyed it!

Happy Shopping! xoxo!Β 

Small Haul! Keep calm and walk the dog!


It’s been a no-spend year for me! I don’t even need a printable to keep track! I just know not to spend anything! That’s where the little things really cheer me up! It is so hard to hold back when you see all the amazing thing other bloggers are buying!

So I got myself a cute top from the Sales section at and I’ll leave the link so you can check it out!Β Rosewholesale Crochet Trim Top Β  I am part of their referral program, but I would also shop from their site if I were not! I will never recommend a product I don’t completely adore!

DSCN0717DSCN0724DSCN0732 (2)

It’s a light material but also keeps me quite warm and I love the embroidered details and the cutout shoulders! And it’s really good quality, considering it cost me 1.25$ plus shipping! At the moment it’s on sale for 0.99$ so catch it while you can! Perfect for a casual outfit and I think I could even pull it off with a skirt for a more elegant look!

Here is a closeup of the embroidery!


The next thing I got from was for my partner, but I decided to take pictures wearing it so you can see what it looks like on a body! The men’Β s section is also very cool with unusual designs and great quality! He’s been living in it! In this case I bought a medium size and it fits both of us! It cost 8.85$ and shipping and I’ll leave the link in case you’re looking for cool gifts for the men in your life!Β Santa Claus Mens Sweatshirt


It’s a super comfortable and soft hoodie that really keeps you warm! Trust me, I’ve tried it!

Another little thing that made my day was this cute mug from Aldi! We picked it up for about 2.99$ It sums up my life!


I also got my favourite make up remover wipes from Aldi for about 1.50$ I think I’ve talked about them before! They are very gentle and remove even waterproof makeup! And it contains the famous micelar water which is supposed to be very good for your skin!


Finally I picked up these cute paperclips at the dollar shop! They fit the travel theme perfectly and I hope they keep me motivated!


Hopefully it all goes well and I can upgrade to some more luxurious shopping sprees soon!

Keep warm and Happy Shopping!Β 

Little Things! Shopping Haul!

As always, I love shopping for the little things to spice up my life!


And Primark is always my favourite destination! So here’s what I got!…


This plastic clutch was only 4.00$ and holds everything I need so I plan to use it as a purse! It photographs off-white but is actually quite bright! Here are some pics where I used it to spice up my standard summer outfit consisting of a t-shirt and shorts!

I also got this Strobe Highlight Kit which was on sale for 2.00$! It’s not very pigmented but I have used it on my cheeks as well as my eyes! It’s quite cute!

I also got two packs of press on nails for 1.50$ each! A total bargain and I always love their fashionable colours and designs!


I’ve put on the light beige set and for extra fun, added some OPI Hello Kitty nailpolish! And a matching pedicure!

Here’s the close-up of my hand! The shape is gorgeous!


Finally I went to the local makeup-shop called Primor! They sell makeup and body care products that range from low to high end brands and I love this shop! This trip I picked up this eyeshadow/ eyeliner from MUA on sale for 1.00$ which I love, although it isn’t as pigmented as I expected…

Her is a picture of it when I put it on by itself…


So instead I used it as a base, and layering other colours it looks good!


So as part of my series of calamities I’ve been going through lately, the landlord is doing construction on my patio, replacing the tiles! So I have lost some of my photo-taking-set! However my assistant thinks, taking the pics by the old flower-pot is just as fun! And who’s to argue with a cute Yorkie?…


Bob and I hope life is treating you well and you’re enjoying fall! …Happy Shopping!