#tbt Spain!

Some leftover pictures from Spain to pass the time!


A beautiful moody view of Benalmadena Pueblo…


And these are the crazy caterpillars outside out old house! We were lucky that none of the pets ever got into contact with them as they are poisonous! Cute but creepy!


Finally some pictures of the street and orange trees!


I miss it already! But there is lots to do and see here so I hope to be ok!

Happy Adventuring! Book that flight! 


Torremolinos Day trip! 

I’ve posted pictures of this town before, but it is always a fun day trip! 

We visited our friends who own bars there and enjoyed the main square. 

Here are a few pictures of the view!

Being a #parisvegan I sinned and had a cheese sandwich with fries! 

The square is full of bars and people so it doesn’t matter where you go, you are going to have a good time! 

After we walked to the Europa monument in a side street! This area is special to me since I used to sit under these trees every evening when I was considering moving to Spain. 

Oh the memories!

In Calle San Miguel you can shop till you drop, so I don’t remember which shop I went to, but I got these comfortable shoes for only 20.00$!

On the way home, this pigeon asked to have his picture taken..so here he is…Senior Pigeon! 

It was a great day! 

Happy adventuring! 

The cat… Because calamity!


As always, life gets in the way of cybering!….My phone broke for the third time and I had to reset it, meaning I lost all my pictures! The only thing left are pictures of my cat on my crazy construction balcony!

However I do have to say LG makes the best phones! I have had a 3S for two years now, and it survived a fall into a mop bucket full of professional grade chemicals and another fall that knocked out the camera! However both times it revived, including the camera! Just like Jesus! lol

So here are some pictures of the cat! She cheers me up!


Finally I found this quote to keep me motivated with all the different projects!


#TuesdayMotivation ! Have a great day! 


#mylifeinfood 🙋🍍🍔🍹🙋

Some totally random pictures I took this week! I love food too much!🍍

As a special treat I had vegetarian sausages in a stottie! That alone would have made my week, however I also went to Pad Thai Wok and tried the new quinoa dish, with veggies of course! It’s amazing! 💜💜💜💜💜

For dessert I had a strawberry cupcake! #love 💟

This huge lemon inspired my final post, an entry in my journal! 💛🍊💛

Happy #vegetarian eating! 💟🍊🍍💛


Spring has sprung!💚💘💚

Finally the rain has stopped! And as bikini season is upon us, I need to get in shape! Here are some pictures of the view from the hills behind my house where I went for a walk today! 💚

It’s a steep hill! 

But the view is worth it! #nofilter 💛

An abandoned house along the way! 

These bushes wanted their pictures taken! Lol 💛🌳🌳💛

Whew! After that walk, I can eat more! #morelifeinmylife 💚 

Enjoy spring! 💚💛🌳💛💚