#mylifeinfood 🙋🍍🍔🍹🙋

Some totally random pictures I took this week! I love food too much!🍍

As a special treat I had vegetarian sausages in a stottie! That alone would have made my week, however I also went to Pad Thai Wok and tried the new quinoa dish, with veggies of course! It’s amazing! 💜💜💜💜💜

For dessert I had a strawberry cupcake! #love 💟

This huge lemon inspired my final post, an entry in my journal! 💛🍊💛

Happy #vegetarian eating! 💟🍊🍍💛


Spring has sprung!💚💘💚

Finally the rain has stopped! And as bikini season is upon us, I need to get in shape! Here are some pictures of the view from the hills behind my house where I went for a walk today! 💚

It’s a steep hill! 

But the view is worth it! #nofilter 💛

An abandoned house along the way! 

These bushes wanted their pictures taken! Lol 💛🌳🌳💛

Whew! After that walk, I can eat more! #morelifeinmylife 💚 

Enjoy spring! 💚💛🌳💛💚