Small Haul from Michaels aka The Promissed Land! ๐Ÿ’–

Here’s some pictures of the things I picked up at Michaels this week…

I got these cute shaker stickers from Recollections to celebrate the highlites in life as I use my MAMBI Happy Planner to keep memories as well as to keep me on track!

So pretty and shiny! They reflect the light like crazy! Their original price is 4.49$!

I also got some organizational stickers from Recollections to help me plan! They come in summery colors which is perfect for may!

These are normally 5.99$ but I had a coupon for 50% off! The great thing with Michaels is that you always get loads of coupons, especially if you sign up with your email!

I got some motivational quotes from MAMBI to decorate my sidebar…

The Motivational quotes were 4.79 and are really pretty!

These die cuts from Recollections were also on sale! And come in cute summer colors and a party theme! Loves it!

The whole packet only cost 3.74$ for 24 pieces!

I needed some post-it-notes and found these cute, almost transpatent ones from Recollections as well! They photographed really pink for some reason, but are more blue colors with gold highlites!

They were only 4.49$ and come with a pageflag as well!

They also had an awesome Washi-tape sale that I couldn’t miss!

Two rolls for 1.00$! Wow!

Just when I thought I had finished shopping, this cute hand-soap caught my eye at the cash! I couldn’t resist!

It doesn’t have a very long lasting smell, but it works well and smells good while you use it! It was only 2.00$ so nothing can go wrong there!

I hope you enjoyed my small haul! Tomorrow is #tgif so…

Have a great weekend and Happy Adventuring! ๐Ÿ’–


Snaps from my Happy Planner! #nerdmoment ๐Ÿ’š

Not only do I use my Happy Planner to plan my life, I also use it for memory keeping! …and after that, I like to take pictures of my planner to remember what my planner looked like!…๐Ÿ‘€

Does that even make sense? Lol #calamity

I decorated my monthly page with this cute clip from . It is so cute!

Here is a closeup of the clip on my page! I slide it along to keep track of the week so it follows me through the month!

I also love this clipart unicorn! I think it’s from Recollections but I’m not sure! I used it to beautify my sidebar! My inspirational quote is my reminder that what you focus on gets attracted into your life! I realized this on a day when I was craving olives, and my partner randomly brought home a huge tub of olives! The law of attraction deffinitely works!

I helped create a vegan exhibit at the local library and got this cute sticker which I included for memory keeping!

Here was my inspirational goal for the month! I layered all kinds of old stickers to make this section!

This card came from a small Recollections stack and I love this quote! You can only move forward if you learn from your past! In the end of the day, Life is Pretty Sweet!

Planning makes adventuring so much easier!

Have a great weekend and Happy Adventuring! ๐Ÿ’š

Small Haul… Stationary Style! ๐Ÿ“”๐ŸŽจ

I haven’t shopped as much this month, but picked up a few things from the Dollar Store and Michaels!

Also totally messed up my planner by turning two pages instead of one, something I noticed after I completed my week! The quote from a Happy Planner Sticker Set is so fitting! “Follow your Passion!” In my case, if you can see it! …#fail #calamity

I haven’t had good pens for a long time, but I’ve picked up some awesome sets lately…

These Bic Grip were only 2.00$ and write amazing! Very smooth and comfortable!

I also got these Bic Permanent markers at the Dollar Store for 2.50$ And the sparkly stickers for 1.00$

They do go through the page a bit but will be perfect for livening up my doodles in my sketch book!

Finally I got these Recollections stickers at Michaels to decorate my Happy Planner! They were only 3.79$ each!

Here is a close-up of each one!

They are foiled for extra joy!๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ’–

That’s all for now, I’m waiting for a few more things to be delivered before I can do a fashion haul!

So keep warm and Happy Shopping!

Coffee… because I need to clean!


My friend sent me this and it is so fitting! I’ve been getting ready for my trip to bring Miss Chinue to my mum in Canada! Along with her things… so I want to leave the apartment in the best possible state…


I’ve got never-ending lists and one of the things I need to do is clean! I’ve found this awesome list that will help me to remember all the things to clean and have it clipped as an insert in my planner…. I hope to tick all the boxes before I go…


And this cleaning solution should take care of most of my problems… I’d love to share where I got it but it was one of those random shared posts I get…


The only one who can relax is Bobby, the dog I babysit! He’s not going anywhere and has a new babysitter set up already for while I’m away! I wish I were him!


My Happy Planner is the only thing keeping me sane! To see the bookmark up close, you can see it in my Etsy shop;ย Yatsinas Art Shop

If you have ever moved apartments, you know how I feel! #calamity

Bring on the coffee!

Happy adventuring!ย 

Working on my Vision-board… 2018

e4339cc2a93e747769953bccf9fa5af0 says it best! This is my inspiration for 2018.

I’m a bit behind working on my vision board for the year, but I have collected some images that sum up how I want the year to go. Mainly travel, since I’m not really into collecting things, I’d prefer memories by far!

I’ll share how it turns out once it’s finished!

What are your goals and dreams for 2018? Let’s make it the best year ever!ย 

Happy adventuring! xoxo!ย 

I sure hope so!…


I found this quote and I sure hope it applies! I have booked my flights! Off to Canada it is! I cannot wait! Although Spain has been a fun adventure, the everyday life is too slow moving for me! Can you imagine that my internet was cut off because it has a limited amount of data you can use a month? (Hence being MIA for a few days!) Or that you cannot pay a bill unless if you have an appointment on a specific day? That never happened in Canada! I am missing good old North American efficiency!

The only thing keeping me going is my Happy Planner! So here are some pictures in romantic lighting of how I decorated my weeks of slow to no internet!

IMG_0769 (2)

The sidebar I decorated with free printables from and @gpstickerstudio on Etsy! If you join their Facebook group, they sometimes do free printables that you can size according to your needs!


My full boxes are fromย GPStickerStudioย although I’m not sure they still have the same sets available! I still recommend this shop for all your planner needs!

The next week is a complete mix of free stickers, stickers I had from my scrap-booking albums and I even made my own banners with washi tape! You can see I am on a no-spend month while I complete my move!

IMG_0764 (2)

The only noteworthy thing, besides my running around organising things was the epic thunderstorm we had that knocked out the lights and flooded lots of places!

I call more than one day off quantity time since I’m not used to having that much free time! I like how the improvised banner turned out though! And the stamps from Aldi worked really well! No running and they dried really fast too!


IMG_0766 (2)

Finally I’m up to date with planning! This week was epic with running around to different offices! Check out the romantic shot! lolย ย IMG_0778 (2)

Here is a overview of my spread! I like the colour combination! I didn’t think it would work so well!

IMG_0775 (2)

I am enjoying my handmade page dividers! This week I’m using them more for decoration, but they are functional as well as they stick out from the planer, letting my know which page I’m at! I especially love that they move independently and don’t take up the entire page! If you wish to check them out, the link to my shop is here;ย YatsinasArtShoponEtsy

IMG_0777 (2)

My favourite feature in this weeks spread is the inspirational quotes! With all the calamities I faced, I needed every single one!

IMG_0773 (2)

IMG_0774 (2)

That’s my update so far! I have been really busy these days but should be doing some fun shopping hauls and activities soon!

So Happy Planning and Book that Flight!ย 





That Happy Planner Life…


What a fitting quote for this month! This is the monthly divider in my Classic Happy Planner. I have the undated version which suits me perfectly and this divider just happens to coincide with the fall storms and the most hectic moment in my life!

Here is the overview of my favourite spread so far!ย DSCN0587

I had to use magazine clippings as I am extremely low on stickers! But I like how it turned out! Especially as I managed to match the washi tapes and pen colors to give it a bit of a theme!


I drew my own day off stickers out of post it notes but I really like how the ‘Glam Life’ fills the boxes completely going over just a bit to make it look natural!

And my quote in my sidebar is too fitting! I love how the colours of the clippings matched my washi tape from the Chinese shop! It only cost 1.00$ for 3 rolls and I got it ages ago!


As always I like clipping my clip-on-page-marker to the magnetic one so the pages don’t get damaged!


I have a few more spreads from this month that I like but with the rain I haven’t been able to take good pictures yet! I also managed to get some free printable stickers that I’ve been enjoying and will include in future posts!

Happy Planning! I hope you have a great week!ย