In what do you trust?…Heels! 💓

In what do you trust?...Heels! 💓

Sans Souci red floral top
€25 –

Ripped denim skirt
€34 –

Reiss high heel stiletto
€175 –

Pave ring
€1.020 –

Golden jewelry
€3,82 –

Burberry shawl
€840 –

N Damus wide brim fedora hat
€42 –


Contest Time on Polyvore; Join Yatsinas Fashion Inspiration Group

This is just a quick note for those of you on Polyvore, to let you know that I’m hosting my first contest in my group; Yatsinas Fashion Inspiration with a prize to be won! It’ll be a sample pack of L’Occitane products for hands, body and face that I picked up for 4.00EU at the local Primor beauty shop! This contest is not sponsored, I just really enjoyed the products and thought I’d share them with fellow beauty and fashion lovers!


It’ll be open for one week and you can enter as many times as you like! I’ll share the link below, and some close up pictures of the prize packet to be won!

Home Spa Day Contest

Here are some close-up shots of the products!

I bought a set for myself and am in love with this brand! All the creams work really well and absorb fast so you are not left with greasy residue!

I’ll be announcing the winner on Polyvore as you have to be part of the group to enter!

Good Luck! And Happy Designing!