Monday Motivation!

When in doubt, go to Starbucks for your favorite drink! In my case, a Tall Soy Mocha! Going vegan means you taste the chocolate and coffee much better without the milk flavor getting in the way! Try it out!

In the meantime, here’s a quote to get us all through the week!

Have a great week! Happy Adventuring!💜💜💜


Random Cheer!

I found this on IG and thought I’d share a screen grab! When you try so hard to be cheerful and positive but life tries harder!… #calamity

Keeping it pink for the rest of the week…with a random collage I got from a friend! 💖💖💖

Hope your week is going well and is #calamity-free!

Happy Adventuring!

Monday Motivation! 🐳

Found this quote on Pinterest from and had to share it! 

With all the scary things going on in the world, motivation is needed! Especially on a Monday! 💙

So whatever you have to handle this week, just remember that taking small steps towards your goal is a great way to make progress! Never give up!

I hope this week treats you well and I will try to post some fun stuff even while I face my calamities of life! 🌅

August in my Happy Planner! 🌅🍍💟

This month is a busy one so my Happy Planner is a vital part of life! I’ve run out of sticker kits so have been improvising with washi tape and magazine clippings! 🌸

This picture of a luxury house in California inspired my theme. If only I could remember which magazine it was from!  #oldage #memoryfail 🙆

Here’s my second half of the week more or less before the ink…

I made my own weekend banner! 🌸

And filled my sidebar with decorative washi and this cute quote! 💟

The page clips I got in a packet of six from the Chinese shop for only 1.00$! Loves it! 💟

This should help with keeping track of everything that needs to be done! 🌸

I also hope to have some fun before the end of the month! I’m inspired by this August to do list by and will try to complete the list! 💟

Finally I found this fitting quote on Instagram which will help to inspire us all to try and upgrade our lives! 💟

Happy August adventures! 💟💟🍍🌅💛