Happy Planner Sticker Haul from GPStickerStudio 👑💟👑

I love these stickers for my Happy Planner! The colors are so vibrant! The pictures don’t do them justice as the weather did not cooperate! 

I got a personal size kit…

A few decorative boxes…

And some cute functional stickers…these are way brighter, but I am relying on sunshine to light my pics! 

And they added a pretty freebie with advice on which pens to use! 

All this for about 20.00€ including shipping! If you’re into planning, go check out their shop on Etsy! 💟💟💟💟👑 

My artistic director, Bobby the Yorkie wishes you Happy Planning!💟

It’s all about the stickers!💛🐭💛

I got the Decorate Like Me Mickey Traditional Kit for Erin Condren Planners from XoMamaPlans on Etsy! It arrived really fast and is so cute and practical! It fits my Happy Planner perfectly and what I love the most are the vibrant colors and cute theme! 💛🐭💛

It also included this cute freebie!💛 

I used them in this week’s page and love the look! 💟

Here are both sides of the layout!💛

I used the black washing tape to cover the printed day titles so I could use the ones from the kit for a more playful look. They were just a bit too small to cover the day titles, but I expected that as they are made for Erin Condren planners. 💟

I love the cute functional stickers, so here are some close ups!

I really enjoyed this kit and it is perfect for happy spring days! 💟💟💟

Last but not least, my inspirational quote! 🌸 

Happy planning! 💟💟💟🐭💛