Little Things! Shopping Haul!

As always, I love shopping for the little things to spice up my life!


And Primark is always my favourite destination! So here’s what I got!…


This plastic clutch was only 4.00$ and holds everything I need so I plan to use it as a purse! It photographs off-white but is actually quite bright! Here are some pics where I used it to spice up my standard summer outfit consisting of a t-shirt and shorts!

I also got this Strobe Highlight Kit which was on sale for 2.00$! It’s not very pigmented but I have used it on my cheeks as well as my eyes! It’s quite cute!

I also got two packs of press on nails for 1.50$ each! A total bargain and I always love their fashionable colours and designs!


I’ve put on the light beige set and for extra fun, added some OPI Hello Kitty nailpolish! And a matching pedicure!

Here’s the close-up of my hand! The shape is gorgeous!


Finally I went to the local makeup-shop called Primor! They sell makeup and body care products that range from low to high end brands and I love this shop! This trip I picked up this eyeshadow/ eyeliner from MUA on sale for 1.00$ which I love, although it isn’t as pigmented as I expected…

Her is a picture of it when I put it on by itself…


So instead I used it as a base, and layering other colours it looks good!


So as part of my series of calamities I’ve been going through lately, the landlord is doing construction on my patio, replacing the tiles! So I have lost some of my photo-taking-set! However my assistant thinks, taking the pics by the old flower-pot is just as fun! And who’s to argue with a cute Yorkie?…


Bob and I hope life is treating you well and you’re enjoying fall! …Happy Shopping!


Summer adventures Part Two! 🌅🐋🐋🐳💙


  1. ME at Selwo Marina Delphinarium!!!…We got the Multi-Pass for three activities for a discounted price from the ticket office in Fuengirola port meaning it worked out to   33.00$ per person and included the Birds of Prey show in Benalmadena and the cable car, Selwo Marina Delphinarium in Benalmadena and the Selwo Aventura park in Estepona! You can get the tickets at different locations but I’ll leave the link to their website so you can find them if you are in the area! Staff is very friendly, helpful and speak fluent English!  🐳

I’ve already posted about the amazing Birds of Prey show, so for the Selwo Marina Delphinarium I can only say good things! All the animals are entertained, have nice enclosures and the birds are allowed to fly free a few times a day! Without too much bla bla bla, here are some cute animal pics to inspire you! 💙💙🐦DSCN0322DSCN0317DSCN0309DSCN030820170804_133749

The shows are short and entertaining so you can see many different animals up close without feeling like you’re stressing them out! 😇


In some enclosures you can go inside the cage for a short time to see the animals up close with no cages separating you! 🐢🐊🐍🐡


Others have glass or fences, but you can still see the animals really close without disturbing them! 🐊🐍🐍🐧


I highly recommend this place for your next trip to Fuengirola/Malaga! I don’t usually enjoy zoos but this is one of the few where the animals look content! 💙 🐟🐠🐡🐳🐋💙

Happy adventuring! 💙🌅💙


Spring Nail Ideas! 💜🙋💜

Plotting a trip to the nail salon tomorrow so I went looking for some ideas! Now I just hope they have some similar colors!  Here are my favorite spring trends! 💟

So pretty! Love the design! 

Beautiful in pink!

Natural with an accent nail! 

Love this blue color! 

Finally my favorite one is this sunny neon design! 💟🌅💟

Wish me luck at the salon that they’ll be able to recreate one of these ideas!  

Happy spring! 💘💜💘