Love or Food?🍰🍔🍩🍍🍊🍟👑

#mylifeinfood #vegetarian 



#mylifeinfood 🙋🍍🍔🍹🙋

Some totally random pictures I took this week! I love food too much!🍍

As a special treat I had vegetarian sausages in a stottie! That alone would have made my week, however I also went to Pad Thai Wok and tried the new quinoa dish, with veggies of course! It’s amazing! 💜💜💜💜💜

For dessert I had a strawberry cupcake! #love 💟

This huge lemon inspired my final post, an entry in my journal! 💛🍊💛

Happy #vegetarian eating! 💟🍊🍍💛

Day trip to Puerto Banus! 🚘🍔🍟🌅

Finally had the chance to go somewhere different! On my one day off we went for #vegetarian #burgers at the Hard Rock Cafe! It was so delicious! 💟🌅💟

The mixed starter had meat, but the veggie options were awesome! 

After we went for a quick walk about the luxury port! 🚢🚤🚁

I love being surrounded by so much luxury! 💙🌉💙 

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