How to Vegan, the easy way! 😊

People love to think that going vegan is difficult and complicated and emotional and full of guilt ridden sacrifice! Lol Full of #calamity and therefore impossible to achieve! …Also, they think you eat epic amounts of plain salad and are protein defficient!

This was my meal at Panera!⏫

I can’t say that is the case for me…

I started out as a vegetarian since I found that animal products not only made my stomach upset, I found I simply love animals too much to eat them! With a little reading, I figured I’d transition to full vegan!

Now I’m far from perfect, sometimes I go places where there is normal cake, or someone who doesn’t know how to feed a vegan has kindly made me a meal that contains milk or cheese…I’ll eat it! And I won’t beat myself up either! I am doing the best I can!

And that is what I tell people when they ask me how to go vegan!…Do your best! It’s better to be bad at veganism than not to try at all!

The above burger is from South Street Burger! Yum! ⏫

And whatever you do, don’t eat basic salads or flavorless boiled to death vegetables! Spice it up! Make sure the food you eat is filling and tastes good! Almost any recipe can be adapted to a vegan version with a similar taste and texture! So don’t be afraid to experiment!

And no, I’m not protein defficient! I used to suffer from low blood pressure and low iron while on a meat-diet! Since going vegetarian/vegan my bloodwork comes back perfect and I feel amazing! I have so much more energy and never get the flu!

Try it! Life is an adventure to find out what works best for you! Veganism is it for me!

Happy Adventuring!😘


Bucketlist Item: Ihop -Complete! 🍰

Ever since YouTube vlogs became a thing I keep seeing people go to Ihop for breakfast and rave about the food!

Living In Canada or Spain I never thought I’d see one in real life!

Until two weeks ago when we went to Niagara falls on a random daytrip!

There were at least two in plain view!…Had to be done!

Unfortunately the one with a view was closed when we got there so we went to the downtown one!

Yes, I could have asked for vegan food, which normally I would. But the goal was to be a little selfish and tick off the bucketlist item…

So I confess, I had the Belgian Chocolate pancakes! They were pretty good!

Was it worth giving up my delicious vegan food for a meal? Maybe not…but oh well, it was an experience!

For vegetarians and heartless meat-eaters I’d recommend Ihop! The portions are humongous and very tasty!

So I completed my 5 year old bucketlist item to eat at Ihop at last!

Happy Adventuring! 🎂🐱

Vegan escapades!

It looks super-fancy but it was just sunday dinner at my mum’s house! We went all out!

Check out that table-scape!

We had the completely vegan bbq meats from #FGFVEGAN (Facking Good Food) in Oshawa, my friends restaurant! They were totally amazing!

Everything is made in store and you get 4 ribs, 4 saussages and 4 burgers in the BBQ pack! Check them out on Facebook or Instagram @fgfvegan!

Here is a closeup of our food!

Finally we vegans have something to bbq!

We also went to Nandos…I never knew this chain exists in Canada!

So pretty! And they have quite a few vegan options too!

I had the roasted squash and fries! Very delicious!

Finally I got my Cheeky Nandos…just like the stars on Geordie Shore! My favorite reality series! (It was kind of a bucketlist item as well!)

I hope you enjoy my silly posts, have a great week!

Happy Adventuring! 💛

Vegan Food at its finest!

All I’ve done this week is eat…

So here are some pictures! Maybe you’ll be inspired to become vegan… or more vegan! Anyway…pretty food pics…who can say no to that?

Italian night: soy pasta with seitan saussage!

Mexico: Pulled Jackfruit tacos with coleslaw!

Thailand: Ricepaper wraps and Thai green curry!

Italian night again: Bruchetta and Cheese filled Pizza!

English dinner: Fish and Chips and Calamari!

Jamaican lunch: Yam, Breadfruit, Okra, Tofu and Ackee with Rica and Peas!

And for Desert? Vegan Pancakes of course!

Can you believe all this delicious food is all vegan?

Happy Eating!

Food, glorious #Vegan Food!

I don’t know why people seem to think that going Vegan is so difficult! It seems there is fresh and organic food available in every shop in Canada! Even Walmart…  We’ve been making delicious home-cooked meals ever since we’ve arrived! The amount of tofu, fresh veggies and spices is amazing! I believe I’ll be a complete Vegan soon! #goals

Here are some food ideas… Fresh salad with breaded tofu…


Some Stir fried Veggies with Coconut Lime and Ginger Rice…


And some more salad with Smoked Tofu…


With these ingredients, we don’t need to go to a restaurant! It also helps if your boyfriend is a chef!…

Completely unrelated to food, we found this ring-holder at Walmart which we will be returning to get! Not only is it very Zen and beautiful… it also has a special meaning for my family…

20180311_144126 (2)

Canada is an amazing place to visit and I’ll be posting more pictures soon!

For now, Happy Adventuring! 

Torremolinos Day trip! 

I’ve posted pictures of this town before, but it is always a fun day trip! 

We visited our friends who own bars there and enjoyed the main square. 

Here are a few pictures of the view!

Being a #parisvegan I sinned and had a cheese sandwich with fries! 

The square is full of bars and people so it doesn’t matter where you go, you are going to have a good time! 

After we walked to the Europa monument in a side street! This area is special to me since I used to sit under these trees every evening when I was considering moving to Spain. 

Oh the memories!

In Calle San Miguel you can shop till you drop, so I don’t remember which shop I went to, but I got these comfortable shoes for only 20.00$!

On the way home, this pigeon asked to have his picture here he is…Senior Pigeon! 

It was a great day! 

Happy adventuring! 

Food! Glorious Food! #Vegetarian #Vegan

This pretty much sums up my entire trip to Canada! All we did was eat from start to finish! Diet? What diet? lol


I can’t get over the variety and amazing food there is in all the local supermarkets! This is just a tiny portion of the store! #homesick


The vegan options are endless! Vegan sausages! Vegan egg! Veganaise! I’d have to travel to the end of the earth to get that here!

Vegan breakfast!…

DSCN0830 (2)

The best thing for me is that the fruit and veggies actually taste of what they are, not some watered down chemically altered versions as everything is pretty much organic! #lovesit


Of course I had to have poutine…


And Starbucks! My favourite coffee shop in the world! Look at how beautifully they decorated the coffees! Gold sparkles!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was my mums birthday so we had homemade vegan chilli with rice, salad and Mexican dips! Beyond delicious! Check out the size of the strawberry on the cake we got at Metro! #yum

Of course we also had to try the local Vegan restaurant! We went three times in two weeks and it was beyond delicious! We can’t wait to go back! I’ll leave the link to their Trip Advisor site in case you’re in the Whitby area and are craving delicious Vegan food!

Here is the link to their Trip Advisor Page! Copper Branch Brooklin

So I hope you enjoyed my Ode to Food! It was amazing and I can’t wait to go back!

Happy Eating!