Nerd needs! My wishlist!

I’ve been wanting to read his book for ages! Can you believe I found it in the Dollar store for only 3.00$! Beyond happy! It’s a bit beaten up, but that just adds to the romance!

I also went by Chapters and saw a few cute books I want to get…

This one is on my reading list for the year, the cover is gorgeous!

And this sketch book is too beautiful! I hope it waits for me, or goes on sale!

At Michael’s I’m after a craft cart to organize my things! These are so pretty!

I’m hoping to manifest all of these into my life!

In the meantime check out this inspirational quote my mum found online…

And some pictures of my cat Chinue…

What’s on your nerd wishlist this year? Let me know if I’m missing anything!

Happy Adventuring! 💖


Lays Poppables from Influenster! #yum

I didn’t know this at the time, but I should have saved my pictures after the 1st campaign…

Anyway, I have no pictures, because I ate all the chips!

They were fantastic! So light and airy and perfectly flavoured! I’ll be buying more since Lays is one of my favorite brands anyway!

So if you wish to receive free samples like I did, just sign up to the Influenster app and review some items…

It’s totally free and you can get samples from food companies and even makeup! What’s not to love!

So that’s me completing the bonus section…I need more chips! 💖 Send chips!

Happy Adventuring!

Hello Kitty stuff and Planner Stickers on Summer Sale!

My inner nerd has been spoiled this month with loads of planner supply sales!

First my partner brought me these cute Hello Kitty items that he got from an online sale!

A cute lunchbox and pencil case…

Hello Kitty is special to me because growing up in Austria we knew about the brand but couldn’t buy any items…this was ages ago, but still…

My mum picked up this Happy Planner Insert set (back to school theme) for 5.00$ so I will adapt it to suit my needs!

Above you can see the two types of paper and stickers it comes with!

I got these Recollections stickers for half price at Michael’s with a coupon. So about 3.00$, I can’t remember the exact price!

And these cute butterfly embellishments for 1.00$ at Dollarama!

I’ve been wanting these Modern Pop papers for ages and caught them on sale for 4.00$ at Michael’s.

Along with these Recollections stickers for only 3.00$

And these shaker style stickers for an unbelievable price of 1.40$!

So if you are looking to replenish your sticker collection, now is the time to go bargain shopping as it seems the summer themed items are now going on sale!

Happy planning and Happy Adventuring! 💖

Jab Jab Jouvert and Caribana 2018!

I’m ready for next year!

On Friday we went for Jab Jab Jouvert in Toronto! Amazing!

At first we were trying to keep my friends new hairstyle dry, but I ended up covered in oil, water and paint… Just the way you should if you go to Jouvert!

The vibes were great and everyone was having a great time dancing! Especially in the water! Some people put on a show! Epic!

One of the best parties I have ever been to! I’ll be back 2019!

After dancing all night came the main event…Venus Flytrap with Saldenah!

Supergood vibes! Amazing music and a sexy costume! What more can a girl wish for?

I have more pictures on Instagram so feel free to check us out @yatsina2.0 💖💖 With my bff Cindy!

Caribana was great! I am already counting the days until next year and can’t get the tunes out of my head! Tabanca is real!

Get me to a fete! I need to dance!

Happy Adventuring!

In the process…

Stormy skies and a bit of drama…its all part of change!

Once life settles again I’ll post some Caribana pics!

In the meantime check out our recent visitor! He was inside the neighbors place and we rescued him! He spent some time recouperating in the box and then flew home! How cute!

Here’s hoping for some positive changes! And never be afraid of taking a chance! What could possibly go wrong? …

Happy Adventuring!