#pashajewelryforyourfeet #jewelryforyourfeet #pasha #pashasandals 💎💎💎

#pashajewelryforyourfeet #jewelryforyourfeet #pasha #pashasandals 💎💎💎

Madura sandals
€210 – jewelry-for-your-feet.com

Boho sandals
€135 – jewelry-for-your-feet.com

Miu Miu genuine leather wallet
€81 – therealreal.com

WWAKE rose cut diamond ring
€1.000 – ylang23.com

Earring jewelry

Vintage belt
€240 – 1stdibs.com

Pasha Rolla
€150 – jeweledandgorgeous.shoes

Pasha Sicily White
€150 – jeweledandgorgeous.shoes

Pasha Corinth Rainbow
€135 – jeweledandgorgeous.shoes

Pasha Barrio
€135 – jeweledandgorgeous.shoes


The amount of times I have no WiFi are ridiculous! #calamity 🌂


I think this is the third time this year alone that I have run out of internet! In normal countries there is no such thing as limited internet! And I am beyond miserable! I can’t shop, promote, cyber, work! 

This cut-out from the fashion magazine says it all!…WORKIG! Not actually working! A perfect example of life in Spain! Everything is beautiful but nothing gets done! #calamity 🌂

I will be offline for the next week and will try to keep some posts coming as best as I can! 

Hope you’re enjoying life with WiFi!💙