#glam #fall outfit ðŸƒðŸ‚🌰💙

#glam #fall outfit 🍃🍂🌰💙

Alice Olivia embellished top
€245 – net-a-porter.com

Skinny jeans

Venus grey booties
€38 – venus.com

Dolce Gabbana leather handbag
€2.640 – mytheresa.com

Fringe earrings
€40 – chloeandisabel.com

Saks Fifth Avenue solitaire ring
€17 – saksoff5th.com

Brunello Cucinelli cashmere scarve
€1.315 – marissacollections.com


Continued Calamities and Blogging Fails!

coffee collage

Right now, coffee is my best friend! I’ve already bought my Starbucks Double Shot Expresso can for tomorrow morning! Now the challenge is to resist the temptation to drink it right away!

Trying to organise my life I’ve actually been using my Happy Planner and it has become more important to me than I ever expected! I thought I’d use it for memory keeping and to enjoy the cute sticker kits from Etsy shops but it has become a vital part of my life!

I’ve been planning to do a post showing how I’ve planned in the last few weeks, but calamity has struck again! I’ve dropped my phone on the road, and ever since then, the camera will not work at all! All it gives is strange green squiggly lines! I’m heart broken as it was my favourite camera that captured the light the way it really was!

I thought that would be the end of it, but no, today when I went to take the dog for a walk before taking the pictures with my camera, I locked myself outside and had to go in search for some friendly neighbours who could help me to get back inside. I didn’t bring the phone, my car keys or anything so I was totally cut off from anyone who could possibly help me! All I had was a garbage bag in case the dog poops! lol By the time I got back in, I had to leave and was too late to take the pictures…

Finally I came home and thought I’d take the pictures before the sun sets… But NO! The camera has run out of battery power too!

EPIC FAIL on all things blog related!

I guess I’ll have to do this the Spanish way… Manana!

I hope life is treating you well and you aren’t suffering any calamities, blogging or otherwise! 

girly fall outfit ðŸŒ°ðŸ‚🍃💕

girly fall outfit 🌰🍂🍃💕

White tee
€63 – mindfulbohemianshop.com

Waterfall jacket
€42 – prettylittlething.us

Lirika Matoshi fishnet hosiery
€375 – etsy.com

AG Adriano Goldschmied destroyed denim shorts
€135 – calypsostbarth.com

Moncler sneaker
€435 – farfetch.com

Leather tote purse
€50 – ladiesfashionsense.com

Round ring
€235 – macys.com

Round diamond earrings
€42 – kohls.com

Little Things! Shopping Haul!

As always, I love shopping for the little things to spice up my life!


And Primark is always my favourite destination! So here’s what I got!…


This plastic clutch was only 4.00$ and holds everything I need so I plan to use it as a purse! It photographs off-white but is actually quite bright! Here are some pics where I used it to spice up my standard summer outfit consisting of a t-shirt and shorts!

I also got this Strobe Highlight Kit which was on sale for 2.00$! It’s not very pigmented but I have used it on my cheeks as well as my eyes! It’s quite cute!

I also got two packs of press on nails for 1.50$ each! A total bargain and I always love their fashionable colours and designs!


I’ve put on the light beige set and for extra fun, added some OPI Hello Kitty nailpolish! And a matching pedicure!

Here’s the close-up of my hand! The shape is gorgeous!


Finally I went to the local makeup-shop called Primor! They sell makeup and body care products that range from low to high end brands and I love this shop! This trip I picked up this eyeshadow/ eyeliner from MUA on sale for 1.00$ which I love, although it isn’t as pigmented as I expected…

Her is a picture of it when I put it on by itself…


So instead I used it as a base, and layering other colours it looks good!


So as part of my series of calamities I’ve been going through lately, the landlord is doing construction on my patio, replacing the tiles! So I have lost some of my photo-taking-set! However my assistant thinks, taking the pics by the old flower-pot is just as fun! And who’s to argue with a cute Yorkie?…


Bob and I hope life is treating you well and you’re enjoying fall! …Happy Shopping!