Pink Sunshine Designs+ Books= Nerd Paradise

I don’t know where to begin, but I am floating on a cloud right now!

My stickers from Pink Sunshine Designs arrived! The total of my order was about 50.00$ but totally worth it! I shopped off the main site as this was a bit cheaper, especially shipping to Canada! So here are the stickers…

I’ve been wanting these for ages! And since I’m in the mood I’m going to enjoy Halloween in my Happy Planner!

These were a random find at Dollarama for 1.25$! Perfect for my sidebar!

Finally Chapters had a sale for Classic books! It was 3 for 10.00$! I could not resist! This year I plan to read a lot of classics!

Here are the ones I picked…

What are your fall/winter reads this year?

I’m ready for fall and reading good books! It’s an adventure for the mind even when you’re stuck in one place!

Happy Adventuring!


Fall Mood Continues!

It’s raining again! And there’s nothing too new to see outside, however it’s still a mood! 🐸

Enjoy this rainy monday with some still life…my way!

Single solo tomato in the rain…

And some scotch bonnet peppers to warm you up!

Happy Adventuring! 💚🐸

Dreams vs Reality…

I wish real life came with a built in Snapchat filter! Glowing skin, perfect hair and cute ears! …

The real #calamity is that reality has different ideas and I’m forever trying to catch up with beauty treatments!

My favorite hair dye at the moment is this Schwarzkopf DIY which gives me a nice red highlite! Perfect for fall!

It is quick to apply and covers greys as well…

As I said, I need that Snapchat filter for real life!

Wishing you a great weekend!

Happy Adventuring! 🎆🎆🎆

Haloween in my Planner! Small Haul! 🎃

I don’t think these bits and pieces even qualify for a small haul…but here they are!

All of these I got on sale at Michaels!

The banners were about 4.00$!

On another day they had a buy two get one free sale where I picked up the stickers. The most expensive set was 7.49$ so it was a great deal to decorate my Happy Planner!

How cute are those little dogs and pumpkins!

So that’s all I picked up since I also ordered a Halloween sticker kit! …This year I’ll be ready! 🙆

Happy Adventuring! 🎃

Some cute Spiders at the ROM!

Last weekend was a bit rainy so we decided to go to the ROM in Toronto. A huge museum full of exhibits from around the world! While we were there we took in the special exhibition about spiders! Here is the outside of the museum! Gorgeous!


Did you know they are older than dinosaurs?


And their love-life is quite interesting!


At the exhibition you can even have virtual spiders sit on your head!


That was fun and really informative! I am not scared of spiders at all, they are my friends that I put outside if its summer or in the garage in the winter! If you are not totally terrified, I highly recommend this exhibition!

If you dare to peep, I’ll leave a few pictures of spidery cuteness for you!


Happy Adventuring!!! 


I manifested my sketchbook!🙌📒🐤

Maybe you’ll remember the sketchbook I wanted in my previous post titled “Nerd Needs! My wishlist!” …

Well, I manifested it!!! In a round about way!

So gorgeous with the gold foil! I love it!

The pages are glued in a way which makes me think they can peel out easily. Not sure how I feel about that yet! But we’ll see how it goes!

The front cover also has an added pannel to bookmark your position! So handy!

My partner saw me looking at this in Chapters on a few occasions and while I was looking in other bookshelves, he went and got it for me! #swoon #romance (regular price is 16.95$ but if you join the loyalty program you can get discounts!)

So that is how I manifested my nerdy wish!

The more you think about something, the more likely it is to become part of your life!

Happy Adventuring! 🌠