The American Meme Movie (calamity)

This week was a bit tiring! Lots of work and people-ing! And to top it off I thought it would be a good idea to watch The American Meme!

It wasn’t a good idea at all! It was eye-opening and a little traumatic! It seems that only people with huge inflatable lips or people that get naked will ever be famous! Not like fame is my goal… But still! It would be nice to see people who have an actual message included in the movie! All I saw was body parts flying by at impressive speeds and depressed super stars! #calamity

Now this is my opinion, I’m sure this movie might have some positive sides as well… I just didn’t see them…

I think from now on I’m going to stay away from these types of movies. They make the world look too plastic.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Happy Adventuring! 💛




This picture sums up my week! Very busy and full of #calamity! Now to enjoy the weekend with a few fun activities planned! Yes please!

Have a great weekend and Happy Adventuring! 💗

Holiday decor at the Mandarin restaurant!

You’d think this post would be about food, but no, it’s just pretty pictures of holiday decorations…

And fish…live fish! Not dead ones on plates! 😉

How cute! 💛💛

And the food was good too, I had salad and fruits…

Unfortunately there weren’t loads of vegan options…but a beautiful salad bar is always great!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Happy Adventuring! 💛💛💛

How to Vegan, the easy way! 😊

People love to think that going vegan is difficult and complicated and emotional and full of guilt ridden sacrifice! Lol Full of #calamity and therefore impossible to achieve! …Also, they think you eat epic amounts of plain salad and are protein defficient!

This was my meal at Panera!⏫

I can’t say that is the case for me…

I started out as a vegetarian since I found that animal products not only made my stomach upset, I found I simply love animals too much to eat them! With a little reading, I figured I’d transition to full vegan!

Now I’m far from perfect, sometimes I go places where there is normal cake, or someone who doesn’t know how to feed a vegan has kindly made me a meal that contains milk or cheese…I’ll eat it! And I won’t beat myself up either! I am doing the best I can!

And that is what I tell people when they ask me how to go vegan!…Do your best! It’s better to be bad at veganism than not to try at all!

The above burger is from South Street Burger! Yum! ⏫

And whatever you do, don’t eat basic salads or flavorless boiled to death vegetables! Spice it up! Make sure the food you eat is filling and tastes good! Almost any recipe can be adapted to a vegan version with a similar taste and texture! So don’t be afraid to experiment!

And no, I’m not protein defficient! I used to suffer from low blood pressure and low iron while on a meat-diet! Since going vegetarian/vegan my bloodwork comes back perfect and I feel amazing! I have so much more energy and never get the flu!

Try it! Life is an adventure to find out what works best for you! Veganism is it for me!

Happy Adventuring!😘

Halloween whenever! And Vegan Guess boots! 🐱

Why do I have a Halloween theme in my Happy Planner for the week of November the 12th? …because I missed the actual Halloween week! #calamity I was feeling too ill to plan or live! So I had this gorgeous kit from Pink Sunshine Designs ready to go but did not get to use it! Thank goodness I use the undated Happy Planner so I could use it this week!

I love the big decorative boxes! I used them to mark my time spent at work as I tend to plan in chronological sequence!

I also love the decorative stickers that came with the full kit! I used them to decorate my weekend section. The weekend banner is from a Happy Planner sticker book.

I also made myself a little collage to decorate the bottom of my sidebar! Paying bills is somehow easier when you have something pretty to look at!

I’ve been working on improving my wardrobe lately, especially winter items since I am at an all time low! I don’t even know where to start!

Fortunately Marshalls had these beauties on sale for about 60.00$!

I had tried other boots which were more expensive but they were not nearly as comfortable! And as far as I can tell, they are all manmade materials! They come with a faux fur lining all over the inside and are so soft and warm! I couldn’t believe my luck! Loves it!

Now I don’t know what to buy next! I need literally everything! Any suggestions are welcome! 🐱

Wishing you a great weekend!

Happy Adventuring!

Monday Vibes!

Found this floating about on the internet and it is so fitting for today!

It seems everyone is extremely needy today! Which is super-annoying! Must be the position of the moon or something!… #calamity

I hope your monday was better than mine!

I am currently having a glass of Kraken rum and will be enjoying a vegan cottage pie!

Have a good evening and Happy Adventuring! 🌛

Bucketlist Item: Ihop -Complete! 🍰

Ever since YouTube vlogs became a thing I keep seeing people go to Ihop for breakfast and rave about the food!

Living In Canada or Spain I never thought I’d see one in real life!

Until two weeks ago when we went to Niagara falls on a random daytrip!

There were at least two in plain view!…Had to be done!

Unfortunately the one with a view was closed when we got there so we went to the downtown one!

Yes, I could have asked for vegan food, which normally I would. But the goal was to be a little selfish and tick off the bucketlist item…

So I confess, I had the Belgian Chocolate pancakes! They were pretty good!

Was it worth giving up my delicious vegan food for a meal? Maybe not…but oh well, it was an experience!

For vegetarians and heartless meat-eaters I’d recommend Ihop! The portions are humongous and very tasty!

So I completed my 5 year old bucketlist item to eat at Ihop at last!

Happy Adventuring! 🎂🐱