Random spring-things!

It’s been raining non-stop and we can’t go anywhere due to the #calamity. (You know which one) I never thought I’d miss going for a coffee this much! I love staying home! But this tew much! 😆

When I was a child I thought I’d have to survive an attack from a giant anaconda or be careful not to fall into quicksand. Even a meteorite seemed to be a reasonable threat to my existence. I never thought I’d be afraid that a virus would kill me! This is what’s so weird about it!

On a positive note, I’ve still been able to walk dogs so that really helps! Yesterday I spotted some signs of spring on one of my walks by the lake in Ajax.

I was walking a dog so the angle is a bit weird but I didn’t want to make him wait for me!

My aunt also has a beautiful flower arrangement in her kitchen. I don’t know where she found all of these but I plan on recreating this when the apocalypse is over and I can go to shop!

So cheerful!

I hope you are all doing well and having a little fun during this crisis!

Happy Adventuring!

It’s difficult to find fun during a #calamity

I’ve been searching for fun stuff to post since we’re stuck at home due to the #calamity of epic proportions. So stay safe and enjoy my random finds! 😘

I bought this cute journal at Dollarama a few days ago. Now I need something positive to write inside. If I’m left to my own devices it’ll be an ode to suffering! Lol

I’ve been eating a lot! Of vegan food!

While we’re all suffering don’t forget to eat healthy and delicious food! Preferably vegan! Cooking kills time and eating makes you happy!

You can always count on nature to cheer you up!
I was playing with YouCamPerfect and Snapchat apps. So fun! Perfect for the apocalypse!

The good news is that the internet is still working! So we can still have cyber-fun!

Hope my random finds cheer you up!

Happy cyber-adventuring!

Discount coupon for KINTASIN sports outfits!!!

I had to share this! Since we are all told to stay home because of the calamitous virus that’s going around, I hope this will cheer you all up!

You can use coupon code YATSINA during checkout for a 25% discount at Kintasin!

They sell super-comfy sportswear that you can use for loads of activities! I wear a small and it fits perfectly! Not too tight and not falling off loose!

Such a cute design!

I hope to get a few more outfits from them because it’s not often you find comfortable active wear!


Go check them out while we all try and survive the latest #calamity

Keep healthy! And Happy Adventuring!

Do what you love!

A few days ago a lady told me to “follow your joy!” And at the time I thought it was a cute sentiment.

Now I realize she was right. Whatever it is you do, when you go there with a smile because it is something you love, life flows so much better.

Being conventional doesn’t guarantee happiness or success. So follow what makes you happy. Life is too short to do what society considers correct.

I’ve been following my quest for freedom this year and have never smiled more!

I even kept a potted plant alive for over two weeks now! Talk about good vibes!

Here’s to following your joy! Happy Adventuring!

Seeing stars and Luxury Instant Noodle Soup! 🌌

This week was hectic as always when you’re trying to get life on track. But when I was going out for an evening dog-walking appointment, I looked up and noticed this single star between the two houses.

I don’t have a clue which star it is but it gave me a moment of joy. We are all made of stardust and a little magic!

When I got back I felt for instant noodle soup and an industrial helping of veggies!

So cheap and easy! Just boil the frozen veggies with the noodles and pan-fry the tofu while it all cooks! Add the flavor and you’re done!

It turned out delicious, relatively healthy and quite Instagram-able!

The perfect fix for when you’re in a rush!

Wishing you a great week!

And Happy Adventuring!

Let’s jump right in!

Why did I go missing? Simple, life kicked my ass and I couldn’t justify paying to expand my blog when everything was so vague! #calamity

But I’m back! I finally seem to be getting it together and can get back to having fun!

I was thinking for a long time what my first post should be about. But you know me now, so let’s keep it casual…

2020 was a fresh start and I even managed to do my vision board! We all made some at work and even though it was with limited resources, I like how it turned out!

We ended up making them on cardboard which at the time seemed strange, but now makes perfect sense! And it stands up on its own!

I was planning on taking mine home, but then I realized I spend most of my time at work! Having it sat at my desk allows me to see it all day long! And this is how vision boards work! You see them and then your brain connects the dots to get you there! Magic!

This year it seems I just want water! Lots of it! In all kinds of settings! I want to try a mermaid swimming course and go to lakes and oceans. My major dream is a trip to Mexico and/or Belize to see the ruins and of course nature! Caribana or carnival is also a must this year!

My word for this year is FREEDOM in all extensions of the word! I need some joy!

Lots of people post their vision boards when they already know what activities they have planned for the year to look more blessed. This is not the case here. I have 0 plans! So lets see how it goes!

Hope you enjoyed my dive into the deep end! I’ll be posting more often now. I’m back!

Happy Adventuring!

Testing testing…

Let’s see if this is working again.. Went MIA for a bit because I ran out of free space to entertain myself with food pics and travel memories… Now I should be good to go for a bit longer! Hopefully new adventures arise because I’m a bit bored with this routine.

This is just a quick “Hello”! I hope you’ll rejoin me on my crazy exploits!

Have a great evening!